The Power Of Our Testimony

Wednesday’s Life Song: Citizen Soldier | Would Anyone Care 😮 This is my first time hearing any of their songs to my knowledge and oh boy let me tell songs for reals! Check them out. There is one song with a curse word but wow. Powerful song none the less! How many people in our influence of friends feel this way? How… Continue reading Wednesday’s Life Song: Citizen Soldier | Would Anyone Care

Stu’s World CXII

Stu's World

Hey everyone😊 I hope everyone has been doing well! I have some freaking amazing news! Ryan, Angie's son, if officially a Deputy Sheriff! This young man has worked so hard and studied his butt off for the past 16 weeks. I am so proud of him! When Angie called me with the news earlier, that… Continue reading Stu’s World CXII

Tuesday’s Acapella Music: Citizen Queen | Never Enough These women are awesome. They do have a few songs with instruments but dang those voices😮 This song was originally sang by the cast of The Greatest Showman. Great movie by the way😊

Monday’s Music To Move You: Seventh Day Slumber| Halos They have 2 videos for this song. The lyric video which I shared above so you can read the lyrics. Then they have another video where fans were allowed to share things left unsaid to loved ones who have left this earth. To me the vocals are a little lost behind the music, but… Continue reading Monday’s Music To Move You: Seventh Day Slumber| Halos

Saturday’s Random Music: Skillet | Standing In The Storm Listening to Skillet always gives me jumpstart.