Monday Worship: Home Free | How Great Thou Art

Oh my gosh!!!! This is my first time hearing this group. I just listened to When A Man Loves A Woman and it gave me chills I tell ya! ♥️ Then I saw that they sang my favorite hymn of all time so I had to listen. I sang. I cried. I worshipped! So my… Continue reading Monday Worship: Home Free | How Great Thou Art

Stu’s World LXXX

To be honest not much has happened this week. Angie has been sick and in bed most of the week. We have talked a couple of nights though. Work is still recovering from the ice storm. It felt so good to be back at work. I did manage to borrow a chainsaw from a coworker… Continue reading Stu’s World LXXX

The Missing Piece

Joe shared this post within my comments on my reblog of The World’s Largest Puzzle.

Joe intertwines puzzles and the Gospel with precision! Thanks for sharing this wonderful pice with me brother!

Lighthouse Devotions by JR

a2God, pick up the pieces. Put me back together again. You are my praise! -Jeremiah 17:14 (MSG)

I recently came across a website that turns any image into an interactive jigsaw puzzle. You can imagine the fun I’ve been having uploading my favorite lighthouse images (including photos of those I have personally taken) and putting the pieces together. Of course, the drag-and-drop feature can’t compare to physically picking up a cardboard piece and pressing it into place, but the challenge is similar, especially if you set the number of pieces to 150 or more. But what I like the most about this online pastime is that you don’t have to worry about your puzzle ending up with an empty space!

They say that life is like a jigsaw puzzle. That you just have to live it out and eventually all the pieces will fall into place. While this may…

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Stu’s World LXXIX

What a boring week this has been... Angie has been out of it all week, for the most part, with a migraine. I have talked to her like three times😥 Brandon stayed last night. We didn't do anything. He got here played online with a friend from co-op and talked about their presentations that are… Continue reading Stu’s World LXXIX

Returning Home: A Prodigal Story

It is so amazing to me how the Lord will use one simple photo to share my story or to share Him through it. Have a blessed day everyone!

Something to Stu Over

There is a parable in the Bible about a family, that consisted of a father and two sons. One day the youngest son decides it is time to try it on his own.

So he goes to his father and asks for his share of the family fortune. Soon after he takes his “fortune” and heads out to a far country. It does not say how far away from the family this country was mind you, but it was far enough away for the father to worry as you will see later.

Now here is this young man, on his own, trying to live it up. And he did just that according to scripture. It says that he wasted all he had in riotous (unrestrained revelry, loose, and wanton) living. I am sure he enjoyed himself…until a famine came and he could not afford any food for himself.

It says…

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