Come On God, When Will My Breakthrough Come?


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How many times have you prayed for a breakthrough, in whatever you are going through, wondering when it was coming?

How many times have you looked at that, sometimes, overwhelming brick wall and have wondered if any of those bricks are going to fall so you can at least some light?

I know I have. It sucks I tell you.

But you know something…there is this story found in a book that is usually found laying around somewhere in almost every house in the country. My book is on my table in front of my couch and if you opened it up there will be stuff highlighted and things written along the edges of certain pages dating back to my high school years.

This one story, in said book, I want to share with you is about a group of people who are trying to get to a land promised to them by God.

Getting there was a difficult journey for these folks, as there were a lot of obstacles along the way. To be frank about it…most of the folks that started this journey, one that lasted forty years, did not live to see it come to fruition.

But along the way lessons were learned, much like this one that they learned while bringing down the walls of Jericho. This is a lesson we can all relate too.

Here they are, the Israelites, looking at a formidable city which is fortified by what seems to be an unimpenertratable wall and God says…”See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands.”

God, then goes on to tell them exactly what must be done, in what order and for how long. The thing that caught my attention is that they did not even question it.

I mean come on, what would you do if God told you to simply walk around the walls of Jericho blowing on a horn for seven days, but on the seventh day, walk around it seven times, then shout when the trumpets are blown longer and the wall will crumple?

I know that I, for one, would be questioning some things…like how the heck will that make the wall come down for starters. But they didn’t. They just did what God said and viola the wall came down. They took the city by following God’s instructions.

Now, I know we can’t walk around our walls/struggles blowing trumpets and expect them to magically disappear but I do know that when we follow God’s plan things happen. It may take years of following His plan before we see anything happen but when it does…wow!

Prayer is a means of finding his plan. Reading the book, called the Holy Bible with the story of Jericho, which is found in Joshua chapter 6, is a way to find his plan and get guidance. Listening to other Godly men and women is a way of staying on track. Heeding that still small voice that says do this and actually doing it is key, even if it is blowing horns while walking around a wall or digging ditches.

Yeah, God asks us to do some weird stuff at times but if we will commit our ways to Him, He will establish our path and give us the breakthrough we so desperately need.




How Long Lord?


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What a simple yet very profound question. One I know has been asked many, many times in my life and by others.

You don’t have to be an addict, of any sort, to feel the need to ask that question.

You could simply be struggling with finances, dealing with co-worker issues, battling depression or praying for years for your wayward child.

An addict, who wants to be free from their bondage, will fall and ask how long Lord before I am finally free…free from the desire to use, the craving to partake, free from the images stuck in my head…

For me, it was how long Lord will I continue to allow the devil a foothold in my life. My struggle with porn took me places not only physically but mentally that I would not wish on my worst enemy. That saying, things seen can not be unseen, is so true.

In the beginning of my recovery process scenes from porn videos would simply pop into my head for no reason at all. Sadly, in the beginning, I would let them linger for a bit before trying to shake them.

Now, when those scenes pop up I fight. And by fight I mean pray. And I had to do it just yesterday at work when a certain song by ZZ Top came on the radio.

I thank God for the days of no scenes in my head. I thank Him for the friends He has placed in my life that are there for me. I praise him for who He is and what He has done in my life. And the scenes fades to black.

For just as the psalmist wrote…

I trust in God and His plan for my life. I know there will come a day when the porn scenes will no longer be a problem.

Guys, praise Him during your storm. Give your urges and desires to Him, even on a daily basis if need be. For He WILL see you though to calmer waters.

God Bless,


Strong Father Strong Daughters: A Collaborative Effort


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Hey guys. Today I have the privilege and honor of joining several other men as a collaborative group for Active Manhood on the topic of Strong Fathers Strong Daughters. Among the other men writing for this post are Prescott, Brad, Tim, and Scott. Each of us give a brief description on what we, as dads, feel is required to raise our daughters to be strong young women. It is all of our prayers that our words help you in raising you daughter to be the woman God created her to be.



As most of you know I have a daughter. She is an amazing young woman and my prayer has always been that I lead her properly into womanhood.

Dads we must be intentional with our walk with God…for someone is watching. And that someone is our daughter looking to learn what a man truly is. Be that man of God and lead. Please do not let her learn what men are by seeing the world because you neglected your duty as father!

Now, go check out some of the other men’s advice on how being a strong father can give our daughters the strength they need to traverse life.

God Bless,


Reflections On My Calling


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It popped up in my memories today on Facebook…on February 10th, six years ago I was sitting in a pew in a church in Alabama.

I had been invited to Johnny Hunt’s men conference by my pastor. He even paid for my ticket to go.

Unbeknowst to me the conference would be on pornography within the church and what must be done. What a surprise that first night was. And yet, one of the powerful turning points in my life.

It was on that night God placed a calling upon me. One that scared me to death. You see, I was addicted to porn at the time. And had been for decades.

His calling…help men become free from the bondage of porn.


So, upon, returning home I started a page on Facebook called Resurrecting The Redeemed From Porn Addiction. I read articles from Covenant Eyes like crazy. I even read non- Christian articles that kind of helped me understand the appeal and dangers of a porn filled lifestyle. The more I learned and shared, the more people responded.

It was a rough start I will say that. I fell a lot. But I realized what my triggers were and avoided them to the best of ability.

That page was a jumping point into blogging and being an accountability partner. Being an accountability partner is tough no matter the addiction. Because addiction affects everyone around the one addicted.

Getting calls at two or three in the morning is tough. But knowing who is on the other end and the fact that they need someone to talk to or pray with so they don’t fall is worth it.

I’ve seen God do some amazing things in these past six years. I have witnessed first hand the power of God through recovery. Men accepting Christ as their Savior. Repenting of their sins and walking away from porn. Single men getting married, having children and loving their wives…porn free.

I’ve had women, who struggle, reach out to me. Womem, who’s husband’s porn addiction is destroying their marriage. I believe hearing their side of the story is what still pushes me forward. Because they, like their husband, are missing the one thing they are both craving…true intimacy. Porn kills intimacy!

Reflecting has been pleasant today…for the most part.

I praise God I am no longer in the chains of addiction. I praise God for the touch of his love, mercy and forgiveness in the lives of so many over the years.

I thank you, dear friends, for taking the journey with me, for following along, for your prayers, support and comments.

Let’s give God the full glory He deserves for lives changed and marriages healed. Let’s press on!

God Bless,

Standing Firm: Stay Alert


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If, you have ever been near a lake, pond or a creek I am sure, at one time or another, you have seen a tree or two that look like the Tasmanian Devil got a hold of them. You know the ones where the bark is missing and if you get up close you will see teeth marks all over that joker. Well those teeth marks belong to what is called a beaver.


Now, I am sure beavers have a purpose in God’s creation or they would not be here, but, when they kill trees and then said tree falls and blocks your route to the lake…well let’s just say you learn to not like them too much.

Beavers are cautious critters. If they see you or hear you before you see them all you will hear is a big splash in the water as they slap their tail on top of the water, as they dive down, as a warning to the other beavers. So killing them is not an easy task.

The man giving the lesson last night at Celebrate Recovery used his childhood and disdain for beavers to describe a verse in the Bible and I just loved his analogy.

He worked on a farm and the beavers damned up a creek that ended up flooding their crop. He was upset and angry at the beavers…kind of like I was and he wanted them gone.

So they called a trapper that would set out traps that would ensnare the beaver and then kill them by crushing their necks in said trap. But the traps had to be strategically placed. You could not just place them anywhere. As I said earlier, they are cautious critters.

Beavers are at home in the familiar water in which they live. So the traps had to placed under the water where they are less cautious and not on the alert as they are while on the banks.

The traps were set under water along the trenches in which the beavers swam from their den to the banks. And yeah, they were trapped.

This so parallels our lives and how the devil attacks us. He catches us where we are comfortable.

As a new believer or a recovering addict we are very cautious as to who we hang out with, where we go, what we look at and what we listen to. We are prayed up. We read our Bibles, go to church and meetings on a regular basis.

As we continue to grow and learn we become a little more secure in our walk. In essence, we become comfortable.


Here in lies the problem…our enemy, the trapper, is not comfortable. The Word of God tells us in 1 Peter 5:8 that he is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. He is always on the hunt. He is always preparing traps to put in our path in order to ensnare us.

So by becoming comfortable and thinking we are standing firm, just like the beaver in familiar water, we can, in fact, become susceptible to the traps the enemy so precisely places in our path. And we fall.


And that dear friends is something we can’t afford. Stay alert! Stay prayed up! Stay focused daily! Stay aware!