Reflections On My Calling

It popped up in my memories today on Facebook...on February 10th, ten years ago I was sitting in a pew in a church in Alabama. I had been invited to Johnny Hunt's men conference by my pastor. He even paid for my ticket to go. Unbeknownst to me the conference would be on pornography within… Continue reading Reflections On My Calling

Wednesday’s Life Song: NF | Paralyzed Warning!!! This video has graphic images that could be a trigger. I've been on an NF kick for about 3 weeks now. It's all I listen to. He has a way of saying things everyone wishes they could put into words. I'm not a cutter, though as a teen I did try to killed… Continue reading Wednesday’s Life Song: NF | Paralyzed

Stu’s World CXV

Stu's World

I'm sitting here in the parking lot of the local laundromat pondering yesterday's Bible Study post. One thing has been on my mind from that post... This is because the enemy is 100 percent invested in keeping us in the wilderness while God is 100 percent invested in guiding us to the promised land. YouVersion… Continue reading Stu’s World CXV

Wednesday’s Life Song: Citizen Soldier| I Hate Myself Daaaannng! These lyrics are real and upfront Have you ever felt this way? I have!

Wednesday’s Life Song: Citizen Soldier | Weight Of The World I have been where this song speaks of on numerous occasions. I've had suicidal thoughts. I even tried once in junior high. Thank God I didn't succeed. The pressure from what does feel like the weight of the world is so freaking heavy. Drinking never fixed anything as my issues were still there when… Continue reading Wednesday’s Life Song: Citizen Soldier | Weight Of The World