Prayers Please

I'm losing my mind. My ride to work could not pick me up this morning. He has the flu...maybe...or he was just hungover from this weekend. He left work yesterday. I'm afraid I could lose my job. Finding a ride to drive 30 minutes on way and 30 minutes back to town is not an… Continue reading Prayers Please

The Climb To The Top Of The Mountain

I am so freaking tired Lord. It seems no matter how hard I try it's one step forward and then I fall three steps backwards. I understand no one said following you would be easy, but dang! I know it's not easy. Sin abounds on the Earth. That wasn't my plan though. My child, for… Continue reading The Climb To The Top Of The Mountain

Facebook Memory From Six Years Ago: Celebrate Recovery

While leading our 12 Step Study last night for Richland Celebrate Recovery several things finally made sense as they came to me while reading the opening scriptures. The first one is the power that resides in us. We have a major power source that we never truly tap into. And the reason is we are… Continue reading Facebook Memory From Six Years Ago: Celebrate Recovery

Sunday Music: Phillips, Craig & Dean | I Want To Be Just Like You The first time I heard this song I had just gotten off the phone with Angie where she shared with the song Lead Me after saying she wanted to love me as a Godly wife should. I was in tears. I've never had a woman say that to me before. I was shaken. I… Continue reading Sunday Music: Phillips, Craig & Dean | I Want To Be Just Like You

Stu’s World XXXVI

This has been a trying week for me. Work has been great. Still having those Bible discussions between customers and sharing music with one another. It's actually pretty awesome 😊 But everything else in life is Brandon's ankle is so much better. He even participated in his Taekwondo classes Friday. He stayed the whole… Continue reading Stu’s World XXXVI