I do these type of things on Facebook periodically, if I like the questions. Gail tagged me in the TMI tag and I was like...yeah, let's do this. Thanks Gail for thinking of me 😀 This will give you all a little, if not TMI, information into my life outside of this blog and into… Continue reading TMI


Things Seen Cannot Be Unseen

One of the hardest things I had to fight while quitting my 30 year addiction to porn was the images stuck in head. Even now, it's a struggle. Some times I believe that I received freedom from that ball and chain to only find myself stuck behind a fence with true freedom just on the… Continue reading Things Seen Cannot Be Unseen

The Top 12 Reasons Porn is Bad for Women

Though written from a female’s perspective on her porn struggle…this is to vital not to share with everyone. All 12 reasons will resonate with men as well. So men, read this and share in the comments your thoughts on how this parallels with your struggle.

Parents, for the sake of your children’s future sexual experiences in marriage and simply for their self esteem talk openly and honestly about sex or they will find the lies…and believe them…in pornography.


By Staci Sprout, LICSW, CSAT,

I thought porn was just bad for me. Well, I didn’t start out thinking that. When I was first exposed to pornographic images at eight years old, I wasn’t thinking at all. My brain was flooded with powerful neurochemicals that were all about my reactions, not contemplations. I wrote about that moment in my memoir Naked in Public: A Memoir of Recovery from Sex Addiction and Other Temporary Insanities in a chapter called “Nancy Drew and Other Role Models.” Here’s an excerpt:

When I was eight years old, Nancy Drew was my hero. After reading my first Nancy Drew Mystery, I decided I wanted to be a detective just like her when I grew up. I loved to sit cross-legged on the orange carpet in front of our monster floor TV to watch her escape from danger and solve devious crimes that stumped even…

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The Night I Had To Let My Thread Of Hope Go

This broke my heart this morning.

I am sharing this, with permission, to say her husband’s comments are typical of an addict in denial. He’s not an addict yet he will not stop watching.

But what truly broke my heart was the fact that she has lost hope, not in herself, but in the marriage. To read more of A.R. and her struggle please visit her blog today and give her some inspiration and hope.



In my last post, I mentioned I found pornography on my husband’s computer again. I was not going to look at his history because I didn’t want to hurt myself even more. Yet, I had this compulsion to look. I scrolled down each day. Yes, he was looking at porn weekly. Porn Hub was a site I kept on running into and so was Google images. This information did not disturb me. I have come to accept the fact that these are his “go to” sites.

I found pornography on his computer on Friday. He was out of town that whole weekend. I had keep my anger and my vomit inside of me.  I made sure this was not going to ruin my weekend with my girls. I kept on telling myself, “This is my husband’s addiction and I am not the cause.”

Late Sunday night he came home. This…

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Watch Yourself Or You Also May Be Tempted

Sometimes one of the hardest things one can do is try to help another up without being pulled down with them. I've had several friends tell me stories of how they gave into temptation while trying to help a friend overcome theirs. Here they are wanting so badly to help a friend in need get… Continue reading Watch Yourself Or You Also May Be Tempted

It’s a Slow Fade

The first time I heard this song I bawled my eyes out. I actually pulled over to the side of the road as I just could not concentrate. The lyrics just hit me in the gut. I am an ex-porn addict that started way too young. Be careful little eyes what you see. It's the… Continue reading It’s a Slow Fade

The Sunshine Blogger Award

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