Friday’s Love Song: Air Supply | Without You The hardest part of a long distance relationship is having to leave the one you don't want to leave. That last hug and kiss feels so good but hurts at the same time. You don't want to let go but you know you have to😭 Feeling her pain as I release her from my… Continue reading Friday’s Love Song: Air Supply | Without You

Thursday’s 80’s & 90’s Music: Scott Wesley Brown | Goliath My favorite song off of Scott's Somebody's Brother album😊

Wednesday’s Life Song: Hunter Hayes | God Does this not sum it up sometimes?

Tuesday’s Acapella Music: AVB | Accept One Another Haven't heard these guys in years!

Monday’s Music To Move You: Ray Boltz | Thank You Probably one of the most powerful songs ever written. There are many in my life that have given to the Lord and allowed him to use them. I am forevermore grateful to them. I am also grateful for each of you, my dear readers and friends. Thank you for giving to the Lord through… Continue reading Monday’s Music To Move You: Ray Boltz | Thank You