Sunday Music: Stryper | Believe Freedom is never free! I know for myself, I do not recognize those who risk their lives daily for our safety and our freedom. Freedom always come with a hefty price tag. The price tag of not seeing their kids take their first step, the missed ball games, plays, dance rehearsals and simply being… Continue reading Sunday Music: Stryper | Believe

Friday’s Love Song: Newsong | When God Made You This is just a beautiful song. The first time I heard it was after Angie and I broke up. And honestly, despite how beautiful this song is, it tore me up. Because the lyrics ring so true in my heart about how I feel. I truly deep in the depths of my heart feel… Continue reading Friday’s Love Song: Newsong | When God Made You

Cleaning & Rocking Music: Ashes Remain

Ok, I can't help it. I'm cleaning the house just in case Angie does come to visit this weekend 😊❤ My music of choice...Ashes Remain. I wonder how much cleaning I will actually get

Sunday Music: Rage Of Angels | Somebody’s Watching You To go along with my post from last night... It doesn't matter what you do or where you go... somebody's watching you! You think your smart, don't ya? Hiding your sin from the world, waiting til Sunday to binge watch your porn while the family is at church. No one is watching, right? WRONG!… Continue reading Sunday Music: Rage Of Angels | Somebody’s Watching You

Sunday Music: John Elefante | This Time

WARNING: This could be a very huge trigger for some of you! I have been listening to music for hours this morning trying to find a song for today. I would go to my favorites and then just get lost in time. John was not on my playlist this morning. He was on someone… Continue reading Sunday Music: John Elefante | This Time