Sunday Music: Day Of Fire | The Dark Hills I can say the yes, Jesus walks the dark hills! He came for me! When I saw no light he came and was my light. I am living proof that no one is too "bad" for God to love. And that nothing I could have ever done would have kept Christ off the cross… Continue reading Sunday Music: Day Of Fire | The Dark Hills


Sunday Music: I Am They | My Feet Are On The Rock I know I have shared this before on one of my award nominations... BUT, I just can not get enough of this song. I am like a little kid turning up the radio and singing at the top of their lungs when this song comes on the radio. Even at work, when I hear… Continue reading Sunday Music: I Am They | My Feet Are On The Rock

Friday’s Love Song: Danny Gokey | Better Than Gold When this CD came out I bought two copies. One for me and one for my love of a lifetime. Listening to it on the way to see her for the weekend, I heard this song. My first thought...this is how I feel about her. I wrote a little note and gave it to… Continue reading Friday’s Love Song: Danny Gokey | Better Than Gold

Sunday Music: Whiteheart | Seventy Times Seven My dear friend Amy wrote a beautiful poem the other day entitled Jesus Said... that reminded me of another Whiteheart classic. And then it made me wonder...what did Jesus mean. Is it just 490 times that we are to forgive for an offense against us? Here's what I think. Jesus always took thinks further… Continue reading Sunday Music: Whiteheart | Seventy Times Seven

R.I.P. Ray Sawyer

Man, I loved Dr. Hook. Besides Creedence Clearwater Revival, Dr Hook stayed with me over the years. Even though Ray did not sing the major hits for the band like the song Only Sixteen he is who you envision when the band is mentioned. I hope He met the Lord here on… Continue reading R.I.P. Ray Sawyer