Monday Worship: Home Free | How Great Thou Art

Oh my gosh!!!! This is my first time hearing this group. I just listened to When A Man Loves A Woman and it gave me chills I tell ya! ♥️ Then I saw that they sang my favorite hymn of all time so I had to listen. I sang. I cried. I worshipped! So my… Continue reading Monday Worship: Home Free | How Great Thou Art

R.I.P. Carmen This song, The Champion, is probably the most powerful song ever written. In my opinion that is. I had the privilege of seeing Carmen perform twice growing up. And to see the affect of his songs on the teens, including myself, was amazing. The fact he never charged for admission to his concerts showed… Continue reading R.I.P. Carmen

Prayer For Tami

Please take a moment to listen to this beautiful song my friend Michael wrote for his beautiful bride. Now that you have shed a small tear please join me in praying for both Michael & Tami. From Michael's Facebook page: Could use Prayers again for my wife. She hasn't been feeling good for a… Continue reading Prayer For Tami

Sunday Music: John Rich | Earth To God I just ran across this song for the first time just now. This...YES Lord!!

Sunday Music: We The Kingdom | Child Of Love

I just love these guys...