Defcon 3: Readiness Elevated

Here is the devotional: In DEFCON 4, we saw increased security measures. In DEFCON 3, we move into readiness, and that usually means people are being alerted.In our scripture verse, we see the tail end of the story of David being anointed as the next king of Israel.What struck me about this story was David… Continue reading Defcon 3: Readiness Elevated

Friday’s Love Song: Home Free | When A Man Loves A Woman They say love is blind. I don't think it's blind I just think we simply overlook some things. Because when a man loves a woman he doesn't see the flaws that the woman sees. He is seeing through a different pair of eyes. I have given my very last dime to spend time with… Continue reading Friday’s Love Song: Home Free | When A Man Loves A Woman

Thursday’s 80’s Music: Sweet Comfort Band | Never Should Have Left You

Wednesday’s Worship: Matty Mullins | No Hold On Me

Defcon 4: Increased Security Measures

Here is the devotional: You may be familiar with the movie "The Ten Commandments" with Charlton Heston as Moses. If you are not, watch it! It's a classic worth your time. If you are familiar with the movie,then you can see in your mind Moses holding his staff over the waters of the Red Sea… Continue reading Defcon 4: Increased Security Measures