Living Lust Free: Lust Is A Choice

Here is the devotional: Is lust a choice or an excuse to be a “bad boy” and not take responsibility? I believe all behavior is a choice. One of the primary distinctions of our creation in God’s image is that we all have a will. We are permitted to use our will how we wish,… Continue reading Living Lust Free: Lust Is A Choice

Thursday’s 80’s & 90’s Music: Barren Cross | King of Kings I love this song. It has been and still is my second favorite off of Barren Cross's Atomic Arena album.

Faith, Hope & Love: What Is Love?

Here is the devotional: On the first day of this plan, we defined love as affection for a person or object. Everyone loves Mrs. Smith. Give them my love.Basketball was his first love. There are a variety of definitions we could attribute to the word love and most would be appropriate. However, when we examine… Continue reading Faith, Hope & Love: What Is Love?

Wednesday’s Life Song: Dax | Dear Alcohol Wow

Tuesday’s Acapella Music: Home Free | From Here To The Moon And Back This was just released Friday😀