Wednesday’s Life Song: Scott Stapp | Purpose For Pain I so enjoy Scotts songs. This one hit home more than I thought would at first. Alcoholic dad...issues stemming from that as a child. Could have been much worse. I thank God it wasn't!

Wednesday’s Life Song: Scott Stapp | Criminal This song is not on any album. It did not make the cut for Proof of Life. Dang, I wish it had though. This is powerful. How often do people who have accepted Christ and changed get dogged out because someone still sees the former self and not the new person? How often have… Continue reading Wednesday’s Life Song: Scott Stapp | Criminal

Sunday Music: Scott Stapp: Only One I'm sitting in the living room on the couch drinking coffee and eating M&M's. Earlier today I read a post by Deb about an angel and it brought back memories of reading the Frank Peretti novels and how the demons and angels fight an unseen war. I started listening to songs about spiritual warfare,… Continue reading Sunday Music: Scott Stapp: Only One

Sunday Music: Scott Stapp | Broken Have you watched those around you lately? Do you really see? Do you see the pain behind the forced smile? Do you feel the sadness behind the words..."I'm ok." This world is broken and yet we live comfortably in our little bubbles. But let me ask you this? Do you care... About the little… Continue reading Sunday Music: Scott Stapp | Broken