Tuesday’s Acapella Music: AVB | Accept One Another

https://youtu.be/i59yGmtaAcE Haven't heard these guys in years!

Monday’s Music To Move You: Ray Boltz | Thank You

https://youtu.be/UFrdJ2V3r7Y Probably one of the most powerful songs ever written. There are many in my life that have given to the Lord and allowed him to use them. I am forevermore grateful to them. I am also grateful for each of you, my dear readers and friends. Thank you for giving to the Lord through… Continue reading Monday’s Music To Move You: Ray Boltz | Thank You

Stu’s World CIX

Stu's World

For those wondering about J he is doing well. He came back to work Thursday. We took it easy on him don't worry. I can not seem to catch a break when it comes to finances. Somehow someone used one of my card to purchase 200 worth of stuff online at 2:20am. so I call… Continue reading Stu’s World CIX

Stronger Than The Struggle: Day 3

Here is the devotional: Our winning and losing in the everyday will depend on our understanding of the battle and of whom we are fighting. We won’t be powerful over the enemy until we see this life-or-death fight up close and personal. We must learn how he operates, uncover his schemes, and acknowledge his threat… Continue reading Stronger Than The Struggle: Day 3

Sunday’s Worship Music: Don Francisco | He’s Alive

https://youtu.be/NyPBVwOCYmM Nothing I could say say would add anything...