Stu’s World XCV

Hey everyonešŸ˜® Yeah, Stu is still alive. Not too much going on in Stuville at moment. That can be considered a good thing and a bad Muffin had more kittens and will soon be neuteredšŸ˜„ What ever type of cat Muffin is there is a dominant gene there. Brandon and I both were hoping… Continue reading Stu’s World XCV

Sunday Music: Plush | Hate Moriah has such a freaking amazing voice. I have followed her for years now on YouTube. How can I not? She's been on the stage with Stryper many times singing with MichaelšŸ˜Š Plush is her new band and every member of this band is truly talented and love what they do. And it shows!… Continue reading Sunday Music: Plush | Hate

Sunday Music: Colton Dixon | Through All Of It While you listen to the stories intermingled among the lyrics realize that many have had journey that you would not wish on your worst enemy. Everyone of us have a story. Everyone of us have dealt with pain, loss, temptation, addiction in some form or fashion, and just trying to make the right decisions.… Continue reading Sunday Music: Colton Dixon | Through All Of It

Stu’s Words Of Wisdom

One of the hardest things for any addict to face is the fear of opening up and being real.And yet it is at that moment when freedom begins. If you see someone caught in sin and say nothing you are still speaking... Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives… Continue reading Stu’s Words Of Wisdom

Sunday Music: Casting Crowns | Does Anybody Hear Her? This song struck a cord with me tonight. This is a Sunday Music post to make you think. Do you see her/him in your hurry and bustle to get in church to get your favorite pew? Or do you see and turn away for the way she/he looks. A soul crying out to find… Continue reading Sunday Music: Casting Crowns | Does Anybody Hear Her?