Daily Inspiration 2019: Day 168 | Let Us Be Spiritually Minded

For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Romans 8:6 NKJV

Movie Night: Priceless

Angie loves the band King & Country. I do too! Their lyrical content is amazing, their music is great and their concerts are absolutely stunning! So when we heard this movie was coming out we wanted to go see it. We didn't get the chance to though...not together at least. I didn't know that this… Continue reading Movie Night: Priceless

Sunday Music: Danny Gokey | Haven’t Seen It Yet

https://youtu.be/X1eMZiOJ0a0 It's amazing the way the Lord works. Amy sends me this awesome poem for Angie. Then Angie calls asking if I had heard this song. She's been down so much lately with everything that has been happening in her life. She needs a fresh awakening and a new start in life and this song… Continue reading Sunday Music: Danny Gokey | Haven’t Seen It Yet

Stu’s World IV

Well Brandon hyper-extended his knee two days before having to go to Taekwondo camp. Then he was running a fever most of the evening. He kept waking me up to cool his rag off. So I kept putting it in the freezer 🙂 Then putting it back on his forehead and laying back down. He… Continue reading Stu’s World IV

Heart So Heavy

My dear friend Amy over at A New Life surprised me the other day by saying she had a poem in mind for Angie, my beautiful amazing love, who is going through a rough spot in life right now. Her heart is so heavy with all things going on. It is my honor and privilege… Continue reading Heart So Heavy