Tuesday’s Scripture: 1 Chronicles 29:11

Wednesday’s Life Song: Citizen Soldier| Suicide Note

https://youtu.be/EkByciNiOzw I had a different song chosen for tonight but then this dropped...and well... I had to share this one! This is deep! This is dark! This rocks! And we pass by suicide notes daily. Are you listening? Are we looking? Do we see them?!?! Listen to the lyrics on this one for real!!

Saturday’s Random Music: King’s X| Pray

https://youtu.be/LpbzL3olhcg Now share with you all one of the best bands ever that no one knows about. That not all true. Some know of King's X. They had radio hits. They had hit videos on MTV. They have toured with KISS, AC/DC and OZZY. King's X is simply put the greatest yet underrated band of… Continue reading Saturday’s Random Music: King’s X| Pray


Here I am again God! Why can't I change? I'm tired of being consumed by this inferno I created! It's burning things into my mind I can't shake. How can I stop the searing pain that ravages my mind so much it affects my body as well? What started as a flicker is now a… Continue reading Inferno

Thursday’s 80′ & 90’s Music: Steve Camp | What Would The Devil Say

https://youtu.be/4BAw5XxZdU8 I'll let you all in on a secret. Besides the Stryper albums Fire & Ice by Steve Camp is my favorite Christian album of the 80's. I had the privilege of seeing Steve live at Louisiana College. His honesty on stage touched me. Especially when he said a cuss word on stage and then… Continue reading Thursday’s 80′ & 90’s Music: Steve Camp | What Would The Devil Say