Thursday’s 80’s & 90’s Music: Daniel Band | I’m Sorry To celebrate 40 years of Daniel Band's On Rock album being released they put on a live stream concert at the very church they played in for the first time. Thanks to a friend from Canada, where Daniel Band is from, I was able to watch the live stream. It was great seeing them… Continue reading Thursday’s 80’s & 90’s Music: Daniel Band | I’m Sorry

Wednesday’s Life Song: The Brave | Just A Man I love this song. Of course I love a lot of songs 😂 But this one holds truth for us Christians. No matter how hard we want a family member or a friend to accept Jesus we can't do it for them. We can, of course, point them to Christ but they must choose.… Continue reading Wednesday’s Life Song: The Brave | Just A Man

R.I.P. Michael Bloodgood

This hurts even though I know Michael is with the Father... Michael is the founder and bassist for the Christian Rock band Bloodgood. Bloodgood's music has been a mainstay in my life for over 30 years now. Back in February Michael suffered from a hemorrhagic stroke 😢 Michael & Bloodgood's lyrics has reached millions over… Continue reading R.I.P. Michael Bloodgood

Sunday’s Testimony: The Simple Church | Sonny Sondavol of P.O.D. My brother Justin is the Pastor of the Simple Church. We went to high school together. I have followed him in his musical endeavors over the years. And I was floored when he became a Pastor. Not in a bad way mind you but I knew he would have the heart to reach people… Continue reading Sunday’s Testimony: The Simple Church | Sonny Sondavol of P.O.D.

Riaan Sweigelaar Leaves The Satanic Church And Accepts Christ

This right here is proof of how the unconditionally love of Christians can indeed change the world. It's love people...not winning arguments...not bashing them over the head with a Bible...not judging...but love! For those who have a Facebook account and would like to hear Riaan give his testimony please go check it out here