Stu’s World IV

Well Brandon hyper-extended his knee two days before having to go to Taekwondo camp. Then he was running a fever most of the evening. He kept waking me up to cool his rag off. So I kept putting it in the freezer 🙂 Then putting it back on his forehead and laying back down. He… Continue reading Stu’s World IV

Stu’s World III

Sometimes it really feels as if my little part of the world is being torn apart by an earthquake and is floating in the ocean waiting for the next wave to overturn me. My car dies and I lose several days of work and because of that I'm struggling yet again financially to make ends… Continue reading Stu’s World III

Speaking in Silence

Speaking in silence. Man the Lord hit me today with that statement. I had to stop and ask for forgiveness, for I have been guilty of just that. The vision of someone putting their finger to their mouth immediately came to mind..saying shhhh! We have all done this to our kids jokingly or seriously while… Continue reading Speaking in Silence

Am I Good Enough?

Fixing to real honest here. I hope you don't mind. I pray you don't laugh. I hope you realize that one of your best friends my have the "secret" fear I had. And some of my best friends are on this page as a support to me and they don't know this but it needs… Continue reading Am I Good Enough?

Sunday Music: Sanctus Real | Lead Me This song has always struck a cord on my heartstrings. It's a love song, in my eyes, and yet it is a call out to all men who are married. To LEAD! Being the spiritual leader is not easy. No, not easy at all. It is downright hard. It goes beyond us as men… Continue reading Sunday Music: Sanctus Real | Lead Me