Friday Night With Alice Cooper | It’s Me 

When the world wears you down or throws you to the wayside, there is a man waiting to show you His love. A man saying it's me your heart is looking for not sex and drugs. A man with outstretched arms dying on a cross for the sins you have committed saying it's me those… Continue reading Friday Night With Alice Cooper | It’s Me 

Tell The Story Challenge II

I saw John's challenge the other day and loved the photos he chose. Two of those photos struck a cord in my heart. So with his permission I am doing the challenge 🙂 Thank you John! The rules are simple: Present a picture, then tell the story of the picture. It can be as short… Continue reading Tell The Story Challenge II

April | Testimony Tag

Oh my gosh, I so love these monthly tags that Dollfaced Writer & Purple Rose created. And this month is a special one in the fact that it is Easter and we get to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. To go with the celebration of His resurrection we get to share our testimony 👊❤ Thank… Continue reading April | Testimony Tag

First Week On The Job

Wow, what a week. It is a hard working job. It's been so long since I have done anything with construction and lumber. There is still a lot to learn as there is molding, different types of lumber with different sizes, treated and untreated, cement articles, fencing and a crap load of plywood with different… Continue reading First Week On The Job

Returning Home: A Prodigal Story

There is a parable in the Bible about a family, that consisted of a father and two sons. One day the youngest son decides it is time to try it on his own. So he goes to his father and asks for his share of the family fortune. Soon after he takes his “fortune” and… Continue reading Returning Home: A Prodigal Story