2CELLOS | The Trooper

https://youtu.be/BKX_NedAjs0 What a freaking awesome combo. Cellos and Iron Maiden. If you have not checked these cello players out you need to. So awesome. They also do an amazing version of AC/DC's Thunderstruck! But since Iron Maiden is one of my favorite bands I chose to share this one 🤘🤘😊

A Music Challenge

I saw this on Kristian's page and figured I can do this...well at least the first and third. I don't listen to the radio much anymore...so I'll have go back in time for #2 🙂 You can check out Kristian's challenge here. The challenge is to post three song videos: A song by a band… Continue reading A Music Challenge

It’s Stuck In My Head

https://youtu.be/nGKatCAQed0 Literally...for days now I catch my self singing this song for no reason what so ever. I haven't heard it on a radio at work or anything. It just popped in there and now it won't leave...help

R.I.P. Ray Sawyer

Man, I loved Dr. Hook. Besides Creedence Clearwater Revival, Dr Hook stayed with me over the years. Even though Ray did not sing the major hits for the band like the song Only Sixteen he is who you envision when the band is mentioned. https://youtu.be/NEWIcPTgVXg https://youtu.be/gUjcjUF-urU https://youtu.be/6TmJw8j2Eos I hope He met the Lord here on… Continue reading R.I.P. Ray Sawyer

His Favorite Song Of All

Do you remember the joy in your heart when you accepted Christ. Now...close your eyes... Imagine your church singing songs of praise to the Lord as a sinner comes forward. Magnify that to infinity. Now picture all the angels singing Holy, Holy, Holy to the Lord Almighty as He sits on the throne. As God… Continue reading His Favorite Song Of All