R.I.P. Ray Sawyer

Man, I loved Dr. Hook. Besides Creedence Clearwater Revival, Dr Hook stayed with me over the years. Even though Ray did not sing the major hits for the band like the song Only Sixteen he is who you envision when the band is mentioned. https://youtu.be/NEWIcPTgVXg https://youtu.be/gUjcjUF-urU https://youtu.be/6TmJw8j2Eos I hope He met the Lord here on… Continue reading R.I.P. Ray Sawyer


His Favorite Song Of All

Do you remember the joy in your heart when you accepted Christ. Now...close your eyes... Imagine your church singing songs of praise to the Lord as a sinner comes forward. Magnify that to infinity. Now picture all the angels singing Holy, Holy, Holy to the Lord Almighty as He sits on the throne. As God… Continue reading His Favorite Song Of All

Sunday Music : Voices Of Lousiana Choir | Manifesto

https://youtu.be/ua8U0ioTF08 The experience of worship is so freaking powerful! I don't mean going to church and simply singing the songs. I mean actually worshipping God with everything you have! When I heard that this group of college age kids was coming to our church to give a concert I just had to go. From the… Continue reading Sunday Music : Voices Of Lousiana Choir | Manifesto

Struggling with sexual sin

This post meant a lot to me for multiple reasons. One being that women are becoming addicted to porn and masturbation at an alarming rate and it breaks my heart.

Eniola is a voice shouting at the monster and saying there is freedom.

The second reason this meant so much to me was that a dear friend mentioned the whole box scenario to me just the other day and to then read it here was a confirmation to me. My lid to that box is closed and put away not to be opened again. Here is what Eniola had to say about the box…

I have opened the box before but I have also forced the lid shut, so I acknowledge that it’s going to be harder for me to keep it shut after opening it before. So I don’t take chances.

Eniola Adeeko

Have you ever wondered why God gave us all these raging hormones and intense feelings, yet he asks us not to express them until we’re married. It’s like giving a child a box of tantalizing chocolates and asking him not to open them until a day or time that may never come.

I feel like that a lot of times. I think there’s just something about being young that makes us burn with passion. Even the Apostle Paul recognises this. The world that we live in does not make things easier. Everywhere you go, something about sex is thrown into your face. Sex has been idolised and made the newest trend. It’s like a train every young person wants to catch.

At one point or the other, we’ll be sorely tempted to give in to the demands of our flesh and if you’re like me, I have given in a…

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When Religion and Rock Collide – The Story of Stryper

Wow! Such an awesome interview with Michael Sweet, lead singer for Stryper. When Religion and Rock Collide – The Story of Stryper.