Stu’s World

Man, can things just take a freaking break. I am honestly just really tired. I let the prayer group know the other day that my car broke down. I had a ride to work...supposedly. That fell through. No, I'm not blaming them at all. Just aggravavting. So at moment I have missed work two days.… Continue reading Stu’s World

Just Throwing Random Thoughts…

I missed posting a Friday Love Song because honestly I just wasn't feeling it. For those who look forward to that glimpses into my love for my love of a lifetime I apologize. Sometimes it is so easy for the words to flow when I talk about her and other times it's just too hard… Continue reading Just Throwing Random Thoughts…

1,000 Posts

With the Movie Night: Facing The Giants I hit the 1,000 post mark 😮😮😮 What the heck! I wasn't keeping count. I had no idea that this many posts have been written and shared with you all on so many topics. It took six years to hit this crazy milestone! What a journey! I can… Continue reading 1,000 Posts

Stryper Song Title Challenge From Six Years Ago

This is another one of those Facebook memories. I wrote this six years ago. I was challenged by a friend to make up something with Stryper song titles. This is what happened... May the Rock That Makes Me Roll give me the strength to be a Soldier Under Command and Reach Out to those who… Continue reading Stryper Song Title Challenge From Six Years Ago

So Many Things

My head feels like a cauldron that is being stirred over and over again. So many thoughts So many concerns So many ideas So many memories An Angel on one side A demon on the other Turning one way Then the other A constant state of turmoil This is me right now I know who… Continue reading So Many Things