Stu’s World: 9 Years & Counting

Holy Cow😮 9 Years! Not in a million years would I have believed you if you had told me 9 Years ago that God wanted me to start a blog. But at the advice of 2 very dear friends I did just that. It was to be an extension of my Facebook ministries Spiritual Leaders… Continue reading Stu’s World: 9 Years & Counting

Stu’s World: Just Saying Hi

I'm still here. I have allowed myself to use the gaming world as a means to escape. This used to be my escape. I must find a way to find my way back to a productive means of escaping. Though gaming is fun and I have made some amazing friends around the globe. Only one… Continue reading Stu’s World: Just Saying Hi

Are You The Tortoise Or The Hare?

I don't know where this post will All I know is this popped into my head the other day and the Lord shared a thought with I know we have all heard the story of the the tortoise and the hare growing up. But have you thought about it lately? Allow me to… Continue reading Are You The Tortoise Or The Hare?

Stu’s Words Of Wisdom

One of the hardest things for any addict to face is the fear of opening up and being real.And yet it is at that moment when freedom begins. If you see someone caught in sin and say nothing you are still speaking... Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives… Continue reading Stu’s Words Of Wisdom

Stu’s World XCIV

Wednesday I get a text from a number I do now know saying we are Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Celebrate Recovery as a ministry in our church and they asked if I would come. I am so thankful I went not only to celebrate with my friends but to also celebrate my ten… Continue reading Stu’s World XCIV