Is There Hope For The Harlots And Johns?

Harlot, prostitute and whore, these are some of the older terms that have been used to describe people who practice certain sexual activities outside the bonds of marriage. I am sure that those terms could be used to describe certain spouses back in the day as well. Now-a-days we use the term slut or sexually… Continue reading Is There Hope For The Harlots And Johns?

Reblog: Addiction, Lies & Relationships

Man, this is good stuff! I wish I had seen this when it was first published! I would have included it in my post picks for the month! Addiction, Lies & Relationships

A Letter From The Wife Of A Porn User

Here is an email that I received a while back after asking some of my friends to share their experiences with a husband who views pornography. Please know each one of these I share hurts me deeply as I know many of these women so therefore...I know their husband as well. My first experience with… Continue reading A Letter From The Wife Of A Porn User

Just As A Flower Is Pollinated So Are We

Flowers are beautiful. I believe that most people would agree with me on that one. I love going out in the morning time and looking at the new blooms in our pumpkin patch my-ex and I are trying to grow. They are so vibrant in color. Sadly they will not last long if they are… Continue reading Just As A Flower Is Pollinated So Are We

What The Flying Freak!?!?!

Ok peeps, how do you turn someone in and have their blog removed or at least have them make it private so young people do not see what the hell I just saw? I have my reader set like this... Marriage Addiction Jesus Pornography Followed sites Saved sites The pornography one I use to read… Continue reading What The Flying Freak!?!?!