Sunday Music: Sharon Batts | Dear Mr. Jesus 1986... The year I graduated high school... The year my family feel apart... The year I learned what a broken heart felt like when my first real girlfriend broke up with me... The year of the power ballads... The year the biggest songs on the radio were referencing God... Our local radio station had… Continue reading Sunday Music: Sharon Batts | Dear Mr. Jesus


The World’s Largest Puzzle

I love doing puzzles. It was a hobby that turned into a passion there for a while. I was fascinated by dragons in high school, so most of the puzzles I did had dragons somewhere within the photo. I had one where a wizard had just defeated a dragon and smoke was coming up off… Continue reading The World’s Largest Puzzle

Jesus’ Wrecker Service

The inspiration for this post comes from a dear brother in Christ from Celebrate Recovery. You see this young man has been through the ringer. I will not go into the details of this young man's life out of respect. I will share the ideas or thoughts God gave me while listening to him speak… Continue reading Jesus’ Wrecker Service

Prayers Please

Guys, please pray for me. I was searching for a song for my Sunday Music post and an old song from my children was brought to mind. It is a work in progress and will not be shared tomorrow. You will understand when you see it in a couple of weeks. But it's a tough… Continue reading Prayers Please

What Is Purity Of Heart Worth To You?

In the book of Matthew, chapters 5 through 7, are often referred to collectively as the "Sermon on the Mount". As I read this sermon in its entirety, I am struck by how Jesus set a higher standard for righteousness than the mere letter of the Law of Moses. To Jesus, it wasn't enough to… Continue reading What Is Purity Of Heart Worth To You?

Through All Of It We have been singing this song as part of our worship at Richland Celebrate Recovery for a while now and every single time I cuts me to the core. Because... After all the wrong choices... After all the fear... After all the doubts... After all the times I fell back into sin... Even after… Continue reading Through All Of It

Coffee & Christ Show: From The Playground To Porn Addiction

I guess you can say I’ve been reflecting a lot today. Right after giving my testimony at a men’s conference I was asked to do this interview which led to me doing another interview. I was more nervous doing the interviews than being on stage. Weird, I know…maybe it was because of the camera. But Kerri and I had a blast together and we still chat periodically. What a blessing she has been in my life, especially with all the support and encouragement at the beginning of my ministry. I know I wouldn’t still be doing this without her influence and prayers.

I’ll will let you guys know that the audio works on a laptop but some mobile devices the audio is way to low to hear. If you can hear it let me know your thoughts please. I would love to do another interview with Kerri someday 🙂

Something to Stu Over

One of the hardest and most freeing things I have ever done was to stand on stage at the Wrestling For Your Life Conference and open myself up. I had a lot of fun at the conference and it was spiritually uplifting. It was there that I met Kerri. Little did I know what God was fixing to do. What a blessing she has been in my life. Proof that God does place people into your life for a reason.

Here is the show I did for her program Coffee & Christ not too long after the conference. I was nervous let me tell you. After watching stay on her page for a while and check out some of the others she has. Wonderful people sharing their stories. Check out the section Testimony Road. Several of my friends have shared their story. They would be honored for you…

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