Sex: A Different View Of Christian Sex And Dating

Here is the devotional: When James met Mandy, he knew she was the one. Mandy … not so much. But years of friendship led to a wonderful marriage. After more than a year of marriage, they both consider purity one of their most important dating commitments. Here’s a little of their story. Mandy: I grew… Continue reading Sex: A Different View Of Christian Sex And Dating

Stu’s World XXXIX

Oh my gosh what a blessing this week was! Let me start by saying I have amazing friends!!Stryper was coming to Dallas. Knowing my situation one paid for the tickets and another came and picked me up Friday after work and then we all went to Dallas Saturday morning!Now, the three of us have not… Continue reading Stu’s World XXXIX

The Climb To The Top Of The Mountain

I am so freaking tired Lord. It seems no matter how hard I try it's one step forward and then I fall three steps backwards. I understand no one said following you would be easy, but dang! I know it's not easy. Sin abounds on the Earth. That wasn't my plan though. My child, for… Continue reading The Climb To The Top Of The Mountain

The Barnabas Award 2020

My dear little sis Lydia has tagged me in The Barnabas Award! Thank you so much Lydia! I am both humbled and honored that you find my little ole blog a source of inspiration and encouragement! Here are the guidelines: Thank the person who nominated you and share their blog. Think of five bloggers that… Continue reading The Barnabas Award 2020

Stu’s World XXXVIII

Despite the rainy cold dreary days, it has actually been pretty awesome at work. They have us our winter jackets and new guys slicker suits. I was not expecting the slicker suit so I excited. No more soaking wet jackets 😊 I hope I get to wear the jacket a few more times this… Continue reading Stu’s World XXXVIII