Movie Night: Priceless

Angie loves the band King & Country. I do too! Their lyrical content is amazing, their music is great and their concerts are absolutely stunning! So when we heard this movie was coming out we wanted to go see it. We didn't get the chance to though...not together at least. I didn't know that this… Continue reading Movie Night: Priceless

If You Loved Me…

There is a post here on my blog that I am actually considering taking down as I believe some people are using it as means that was not intended when I shared it. It was basically a rant on how bad the common core curriculum is/was/will be (in my personal opinion). It was not intended… Continue reading If You Loved Me…

My Beautiful Amazing Love Part 1

What made her reach out to me that night? I honestly do not know. I do know that if I ever asked her she would say God told me to. I was recently separated and she recently lost a son. And...yeah...I will say God told her to reach out to me. And not just because… Continue reading My Beautiful Amazing Love Part 1

Are We Holding Our Sons Back Emotionally?

One of the things, I believe, that held me back emotionally growing up was the saying "Boys Don't Cry!" We as a family, were all outside cleaning up the yard...well my parents sister and I were playing. That's what six and three-year olds do. But we were playing in the clovers I ended… Continue reading Are We Holding Our Sons Back Emotionally?

My Post Picks For May 2019

Before I give you my picks for this month I need to thank all of you for sticking with me through my ups and downs on this roller coaster ride we call life. Your prayers, thoughts, and comments have kept me sane, for it seems life doesn't just throw dear ole Stu a curve ball… Continue reading My Post Picks For May 2019