Stryper Friday: Lady Arguably the best album of their career. Against The Law has many of my favorite songs. The one of the 3 albums I do not skip a song on😊 This ballad is a great love song.

Friday’s Love Song: Stryper | Near My heart's desire is to have Angie near. I love our hugs and kisses. I love walking up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist and kissing the back of her neck after breathing in her scent. But more importantly I just love being in her presence. She's peace. Can't wait to… Continue reading Friday’s Love Song: Stryper | Near

Stryper Friday: Reason For The Season The harmonies...oh my gosh😮 This was blaring during Christmas time for several years as a teen. Even on the living room record

Stryper Friday: Calling On You & Free | Live At The Hell & Heaven Metal Fest This is how it should always be for the boys in yellow and black.... Sharing the stage with the likes of Pantera, Judas Priest and King Diamond. But more important than that is sharing the gospel through their music to over 100 thousand fans that attended. This happens when they go out of the… Continue reading Stryper Friday: Calling On You & Free | Live At The Hell & Heaven Metal Fest

Stryper Friday: Makes Me Wanna Sing (Live In Korea) Just have to man. Robert's famous In God We Trust drum kit!!! Plus you get a quick solo from the visual timekeeper😊 I saw them 3 times on that tour and watching that kit spin around was awesome!