Stryper Friday: To Hell With The Devil In memory of Bro. W.D. "Step" Martin who was called home to glory today. Bro. Step was my pastor growing up from the age of 5 to 19. Joey and I would wear our Stryper concert shirts to church periodically 😮 One Sunday we wore our To Hell With The Devil shirts. Bro. Step… Continue reading Stryper Friday: To Hell With The Devil

Stryper Friday: Transgressor Now, THIS is the Stryper I love. Check out Robert's drum playing. He's so tired by the end he just kicks back in exhaustion. Michael's screams😮 This lyrics are powerful as always. Perry and Oz jamming and doing BGVs. I have listened to this like 50 times since it was released yesterday. Unlike most… Continue reading Stryper Friday: Transgressor

Stryper Friday: Soldiers Under Command Still my favorite song even after 30+ years😊 Many believe this is Stryper's first video but they would be incorrect. That video is coming up soon. When Soldiers Under Command was released I was at the record store right after school and bought both the cassette for the car and the album for my… Continue reading Stryper Friday: Soldiers Under Command

Stryper Friday: The Writings On The Wall One of my favorite songs off of the album In God We Trust😊

Stryper Friday: (Waiting For) A Love That’s Real Now Stryper never made an official video for this song. So this is just some video footage from Soldiers Under Command and To Hell With The Devil tour neatly edited with some footage from their Live In Japan concert. Totally cool! Real love IS out there folks! A person who will love you for… Continue reading Stryper Friday: (Waiting For) A Love That’s Real