The Power Of Our Testimony

This will be dedicated to God’s grace and the power of it through our testimonies. I will update this section each time someone sends in their testimonies. Enjoy and be blessed by what God has done in the lives of others!

Remember that our testimonies give others hope even if our story is different than someone else’s!

My Testimony Of God’s Grace~Jennifer Faulk

This was posted earlier today in one the support groups I am an administrator for on Facebook. I am sharing this wonderful testimony of God’s amazing grace and mercy with permission from the one who lived it, wrote it, and who is proudly proclaiming what God has done in her life…… My name is Jennifer Faulk,…

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From Dad’s Stash To Father’s Grace

My Testimony It all started for me in the mid 80’s at a young age. It was all innocent enough. My neighborhood friend found his dad’s stash of Playboys and he showed them to me. Like all addictions it started small and snowballed out of control. It started with Playboy, but when that wasn’t enough,…

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I Belong, The Story of David Arthur

I have the honor of sharing with you the testimony of David Arthur. Such a wonderful picture of God’s grace and forgiving mercy. This is a tale of David surrendering his life over to the will of God. And along his journey David walked away from the transgender/homosexual lifestyle. He is now on a mission…

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Testimony of Freedom

There are several things I have learned over the years in struggling with my porn addiction. One is in the fact that what works for one person may not work for another. Marriage does not cure a pre-existing porn addiction. It can not be done without an accountability partner. And despite what some people will…

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My Testimony

I thought about this all night really and still I am not sure about posting this, as many of you have read parts of my story here and there throughout my blog. But still there may be that one who reads this and realizes that they are not alone in their struggles and that there…

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No Longer Living On The DL

This is such a powerful story from my brother Davon. Please go by and check out his website Transparent and watch his coming out video. I love what God is doing in and through Davon. His transparency is unique and an inspiration for me, as I was once in that lifestyle as well. I came out…

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My Story About Porn Addiction

This is a testimony from a dear sister in Christ. Names are not mentioned in here, as to not hurt family members. I remember the first time I ever saw a playgirl/boy magazine. I was horrified. You see, I was molested when I was around 9 years old by this guy my Aunt was dating. I…

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The Father’s Beloved: A Story Of Redemption

This story struck a cord with me. As many of you know I dealt with being bisexual for years. I can attest as to how difficult it is dealing with the mixed emotions growing up while being attracted to the same sex. I praise God for what He has done, what He is doing and…

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Broken… to do something!

I so thought I had shared James’ testimony prior to starting the Power Of Our Testimony section😥 I shared it on Facebook and not here. I am so sorry everyone! Every single one of us deal with depression in one way or another over the years. Some have turned to sex and substance abuse as…

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Dear Porn Star: Please Forgive Me

Today is the 6th year anniversary of Dear Porn Star: Please Forgive Me. This post garnished more discussion outside of WordPress up to and including sex forums than anything I have written since. This post “put” my name out there I guess one could say. It has touched and changed more lives than I will…

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OLABS Testimonials: PORN. The MONSTER!

My sister Nash offers us a very powerful look into the MONSTER that is called porn. She offers links to her other posts at the bottom as well as Shelly Luben’s YouTube testimony…a must see!

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12 thoughts on “The Power Of Our Testimony”

  1. Our testimony is the most important thing we can share with an unbeliever. All are individual and powerful. Let us continue to be HIS light in the dark world we are currently in. Blessings Stu!!

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  2. Stu, checking in on you! Hope you are ok. I have been kinda out of it cause I had eye surgery and it is pretty difficult to look at computer so I do when I can. Also we just got a new puppy and oh my does that keep me running. But she is a bundle of joy! Blessings Brother in Christ!!!

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      1. We got a goldendoodle pup….female and her name is Emma. Very smart but it’s like taking care of a baby again! Surgery on other eye is Thursday……can’t wait! Blessings on all you and yours dear Brother in Christ!

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          1. Yes drops 4 times a day……sometimes I forget!!! And yes miss Emma knows her own mind, she has run me ragged but I know it will be all worth it. Puppy stage is always the hardest but goes by very quickly. But she now sits, gives her paw and goes down for a treat! Very easy to train!! And she is 11 weeks!

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