The Power Of Our Testimony

This will be dedicated to God’s grace and the power of it through our testimonies. I will update this section each time someone sends in their testimonies. Enjoy and be blessed by what God has done in the lives of others!

Remember that our testimonies give others hope even if our story is different than someone else’s!

Testimony of Freedom

There are several things I have learned over the years in struggling with my porn addiction. One is in the fact that what works for one person may not work for another. Marriage does not cure a pre-existing porn addiction. It can not be done without an accountability partner. And despite what some people will… Continue reading Testimony of Freedom

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My Testimony

I thought about this all night really and still I am not sure about posting this, as many of you have read parts of my story here and there throughout my blog. But still there may be that one who reads this and realizes that they are not alone in their struggles and that there… Continue reading My Testimony

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Broken… to do something!

Originally posted on I AM for You!:
I was in my young twenties, and went swimming at a public pool.? The lifeguard was cute.? But I knew I had no chance with her.? You see, I was part of a group for which the pool had been exclusively reserved. We were a group of… mental…

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OLABS Testimonials: PORN. The MONSTER!

Originally posted on My Jesus Is Amazing:
PORNOGRAPHY IS A PERIOD! A terrible monster indeed. So many are falling prey to it without knowing and most are in denial. This is because, they are under the spell this monster. In our generation, coming across sexual stuff is as easy as breathing! I was prey to…

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12 thoughts on “The Power Of Our Testimony”

  1. Our testimony is the most important thing we can share with an unbeliever. All are individual and powerful. Let us continue to be HIS light in the dark world we are currently in. Blessings Stu!!

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  2. Stu, checking in on you! Hope you are ok. I have been kinda out of it cause I had eye surgery and it is pretty difficult to look at computer so I do when I can. Also we just got a new puppy and oh my does that keep me running. But she is a bundle of joy! Blessings Brother in Christ!!!

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      1. We got a goldendoodle pup….female and her name is Emma. Very smart but it’s like taking care of a baby again! Surgery on other eye is Thursday……can’t wait! Blessings on all you and yours dear Brother in Christ!

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          1. Yes drops 4 times a day……sometimes I forget!!! And yes miss Emma knows her own mind, she has run me ragged but I know it will be all worth it. Puppy stage is always the hardest but goes by very quickly. But she now sits, gives her paw and goes down for a treat! Very easy to train!! And she is 11 weeks!

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