Stu’s World: Post Picks for June 2022

I must be honest. I have not been reading a lot lately much less writing due to being so drained after work. These hot days drain a person. I'm staying hydrated but it feels like I sweat it out as fast as I can take it in. But there are a few posts that I… Continue reading Stu’s World: Post Picks for June 2022

Wednesday’s Life Song: Johnny Nash | I Can See Clearly Now A life with some positivity😊

Wednesday’s Life Song: Hunter Hayes | God Does this not sum it up sometimes?

Trafficked: The Hidden Connection Of Pornography | Unintended Results

Here is the devotional: The older I get, the more I love chocolate cake. My wife and I have been trying to eat better for about a year now, and we've made some good progress. She's always worked out and stays fit, so it was a little easier for her to make adjustments. For this… Continue reading Trafficked: The Hidden Connection Of Pornography | Unintended Results

Stu’s World CVI

Stu's World

Things in Stu's World has not really changed much. Work, house, write, sleep...repeat. I can now say that I was blessed with a raise at work. and let me say it made a difference. I now have money left over after paying bills! We tried bringing in three new guys in the past couple of… Continue reading Stu’s World CVI