Wednesday’s Life Song: Citizen Soldier| Suicide Note I had a different song chosen for tonight but then this dropped...and well... I had to share this one! This is deep! This is dark! This rocks! And we pass by suicide notes daily. Are you listening? Are we looking? Do we see them?!?! Listen to the lyrics on this one for real!!

Wednesday’s Life Song: Ruel | Hard Sometimes I know this feeling, especially the first few years of moving away from my home town.

Stu’s World CXVII

Stu's World

Well...I managed to get propane in my eye today. You know what? That crap burns!! It took three eye washings and 6 hours for my left eye to quit stinging . All while working in freezing rain with the wind blowing. I finally had to stop working and just stand behind my lift. One to… Continue reading Stu’s World CXVII

Wednesday’s Life Song: Citizen Soldier| I Hate Myself Daaaannng! These lyrics are real and upfront Have you ever felt this way? I have!

When The Walls Of Stress Tear You Down

For some reason this post from four years ago is still getting a lot of attention on Pinterest with over 50k views, 173 saves per month and it has officially become the most viewed post ever with over 5000 views😮 I'm shocked, humbled and tripping. I never thought any post would pass up Dear Porn… Continue reading When The Walls Of Stress Tear You Down