Stu’s World II

I hope everyone has had a great week so far. Mine has, as always, had its ups and downs but I did manage to make it to work all week 🙂 I just do not think my car is worth the money it would cost to repair it. I would much rather take that money… Continue reading Stu’s World II

Strong Father Strong Daughters: A Collaborative Effort

*This was originally shared February of 2018* I enjoyed writing the post that is included in this collaboration. I hope you do as well. Hey guys. Today I have the privilege and honor of joining several other men as a collaborative group for Active Manhood on the topic of Strong Fathers Strong Daughters. Among the other… Continue reading Strong Father Strong Daughters: A Collaborative Effort

Feeling Comfortably Numb Is No Longer An Option

One of the most difficult things in life, especially as a Christian, is to comprehend how many people are actually watching us. Now, if you are a parent you know your children are watching and listening to everything. That's why we are careful as to what we say and do. If you are married then… Continue reading Feeling Comfortably Numb Is No Longer An Option

What If I Said…..I Love You

What if I told you that I love you? Would you take those words to heart or possibly crush mine?  I have to wonder how long would it take before you were to realize that my words were sincere and heart felt. Is it possible that you are afraid of the change in your life… Continue reading What If I Said…..I Love You

First Week On The Job

Wow, what a week. It is a hard working job. It's been so long since I have done anything with construction and lumber. There is still a lot to learn as there is molding, different types of lumber with different sizes, treated and untreated, cement articles, fencing and a crap load of plywood with different… Continue reading First Week On The Job