A Parents Greatest Mistake…Is Thinking It Will Never Happen To Me

https://youtu.be/7fkgx8xeJh4 I just happened to run across this about 30 minutes ago. Wow! To think that parole officer officer was within 100 ft of Jaycee and didn't know. This man was smart with the sound proof shed but to tell a naked child, that you just kidnapped, I took you so you can help me… Continue reading A Parents Greatest Mistake…Is Thinking It Will Never Happen To Me

Sunday Music: Guardian | Never Say Goodbye

https://youtu.be/vj3ibkWLmIg This song touched me in a way not many could have including Stryper songs at a time in my life when I doubted things I should have never doubted! But I let the devil whisper in my ear and I did just that...started doubting God. Can you believe that? Doubting the one who truly… Continue reading Sunday Music: Guardian | Never Say Goodbye

Sunday Music: Martina McBride | God’s Will

https://youtu.be/YCRrrP0EhPc I went down a musical rabbit hole this morning. Several songs got me this morning like the song Why God by Austin French and I Believe by Diamond Rio but nothing had the punch this song had. The tears are still drying on my face as I write this. You never know how God… Continue reading Sunday Music: Martina McBride | God’s Will

Thursday’s Praise Music: Rachel Rachel | Papa, Can You Hear Me

https://youtu.be/bVjaG9YYnNU This is one of those forgotten gems. No only can these women sing they can rock too. Coming on the heels per se, of Point of Grace, Rachel Rachel filled a gap in Contemporary Christian Music. Trust me when I say there is not a bad song on this album...this one just happens to… Continue reading Thursday’s Praise Music: Rachel Rachel | Papa, Can You Hear Me

Thursday’s Praise Music: Crystavox | Home Again

https://youtu.be/-YH-JJM_MEU I added this song to my Spotify play list over the weekend. Finally made it to this song as I have set to random. Man, I forgot how powerful this song is. You are worth His pain. Make no doubt about it. You are worth every lash of the Ninetails prior to Him being… Continue reading Thursday’s Praise Music: Crystavox | Home Again