Sunday Music: Rob Rock | I’m A Warrior This song has been on my mind for a while now. I have been meaning to share it for months but as you all know I get lost in my music and something else will hit. So in order to not get sidetracked to have only listened to this song. I have been… Continue reading Sunday Music: Rob Rock | I’m A Warrior

2CELLOS | The Trooper What a freaking awesome combo. Cellos and Iron Maiden. If you have not checked these cello players out you need to. So awesome. They also do an amazing version of AC/DC's Thunderstruck! But since Iron Maiden is one of my favorite bands I chose to share this one 🤘🤘😊

Sunday Music: What A Talented World We Live In

This Sunday is different... I have spent most of my morning just vegging on the couch watching videos from the various talent shows. Yes, each song brought a little water to my eyes. Grab your tissues... This one is from a little young man named Taylor. Taylor was bullied because he lost his hair due… Continue reading Sunday Music: What A Talented World We Live In

Monday Motivational Song: Forgive Me Angie just sent me this song from Rebecca St. James. I can not believe I had never heard this one 😯

You Don’t Have To Fake Being Strong When You’re Not

Angie sent this to me the other day. It was going to be today's Sunday Music post until the Lord changed my mind. But it needs to be shared...for that one person out there who needs it. God Bless