Sunday Music: Stryper | Do Unto Others & Sorry

I had a real hard time choosing a song this week. I thought of Meat Loaf😭 (still binge listening), Home Free but I kept coming back here to these 2 songs. Both songs go hand in hand with the Bible Study this week on words and how we should choose them carefully. Do Unto Others… Continue reading Sunday Music: Stryper | Do Unto Others & Sorry

Fly With The Angels Meat Loaf

Today was so sad for me. I open my phone and my notification states Meat Loaf dies at the age of 74. My heart sank😭 I also cried. I immediately turned on Spotify and played Meat Loaf's music all day. His music has been a staple in my life as far back as I can… Continue reading Fly With The Angels Meat Loaf

Sunday Music: Allan Scott | Fearless Another song I'm hearing for the first time😊

Sunday Music: Fight The Fade | Devil Just heard this band tonight. I'm impressed😊 This so goes with last week's Bible Study! She's the devil...RUN

Sunday Music: Mary Did You Know

This first time I heard this song was on Michael English's first solo album. It touched me then and just about every version since has gotten to me Here are just a few of my favorites... Michael English... Home Free just released their version Pentatonix... And my personal fav by Sanam