A Missionary’s Journey Through Pornography

This testimony I am about to share with you is from Hugh Houston. He is a new friend who reached out to me wanting to help on my Facebook page and the men's group. I truly appreciate his help already. I have made him an administrator on both sites. Hugh has a blog site entitled… Continue reading A Missionary’s Journey Through Pornography


God of Hope

Oh my gosh! What a testimony to the power of prayer! Such a selfless prayer Jordan and her husband prayed for their new born son. This post brought me to tears.

Grace Waves

I remember my son’s first cry clearly… because it was immediately followed by silence.

Neither of our birth stories went the way my husband and I had planned. I was in labor with our daughter for over 24 hours when her oxygen levels started dropping, leading to an emergency C-section. With our son, we had a scheduled C-section, but I went into labor four weeks early, so it ended up being another emergency operation.

I was laying on the table, trying not to worry, when our little boy came into the world. I heard his little cry and my eyes filled with tears because I had waited nine months to hear that beautiful sound. But then… nothing. The doctor held my shoulders down as I tried to sit up and see him while the anesthesiologist said, “It’s okay, honey. He’s just having a hard time breathing. They’ve got him.”


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Another Facebook Memory Shared

I shared this 5 years ago on Facebook.... One day about 8 or 9 years ago I did something that I feel most any person would do: A lady came into Movie Gallery to get a movie leaving her van running. Nothing out of the ordinary until I saw the van move out of the… Continue reading Another Facebook Memory Shared

Z Is For Zeal

Do we have the zeal? Do we really have that eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of our faith? Do we have that passion? Each one us, knowing what Christ has done for us, should be eager to share Him! We should be passionate about sharing our stories with others. Do we eagerly seek time… Continue reading Z Is For Zeal

Sunday Music: Resurrection Band | Wendi’s Rap/Right On Time

Today I will be sharing two videos from one of original Jesus Music bands. And the reason I am sharing two videos is because I just can not share one without the other. And honestly I went on a Rez band kick yesterday and I'm like there is no way I can share just one… Continue reading Sunday Music: Resurrection Band | Wendi’s Rap/Right On Time