The Sunshine Blogger Award | Testimony

Ok guys, let's be real..Amy played You see, I nominated her for the Sunshine Blogger Award and then she turns around and nominates me. She answered the questions I posed amazingly! But her number of questions for her nominees were waaayyy off! Yeah..Amy is breaking the rules. 🙃 She asks one. One! And yet… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award | Testimony


Through All Of It We have been singing this song as part of our worship at Richland Celebrate Recovery for a while now and every single time I cuts me to the core. Because... After all the wrong choices... After all the fear... After all the doubts... After all the times I fell back into sin... Even after… Continue reading Through All Of It

Coffee & Christ Show: From The Playground To Porn Addiction

I guess you can say I’ve been reflecting a lot today. Right after giving my testimony at a men’s conference I was asked to do this interview which led to me doing another interview. I was more nervous doing the interviews than being on stage. Weird, I know…maybe it was because of the camera. But Kerri and I had a blast together and we still chat periodically. What a blessing she has been in my life, especially with all the support and encouragement at the beginning of my ministry. I know I wouldn’t still be doing this without her influence and prayers.

I’ll will let you guys know that the audio works on a laptop but some mobile devices the audio is way to low to hear. If you can hear it let me know your thoughts please. I would love to do another interview with Kerri someday 🙂

Something to Stu Over

One of the hardest and most freeing things I have ever done was to stand on stage at the Wrestling For Your Life Conference and open myself up. I had a lot of fun at the conference and it was spiritually uplifting. It was there that I met Kerri. Little did I know what God was fixing to do. What a blessing she has been in my life. Proof that God does place people into your life for a reason.

Here is the show I did for her program Coffee & Christ not too long after the conference. I was nervous let me tell you. After watching stay on her page for a while and check out some of the others she has. Wonderful people sharing their stories. Check out the section Testimony Road. Several of my friends have shared their story. They would be honored for you…

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Life; The Fight!

I am sharing this because there are way too many nuggets in here to not share.

What a wonderful story Warren gives us. One of how life can knock us down and bring us to our knees.

A testimony, if you will, of how life sucker punched him, kicked him and knocked him until finally he came face to face with the cross. Life didn’t change after that encounter…Warren did.

As I said there are so many nuggets in here but this one spoke the most to me and it just happens to be true…To know that life is best fought, with a surrendered heart!

God bless you brother!

iWrite... my love story!

Life, can sometimes come at you hard; that you think you’re in a fight, a fight for your life. I learned at an early age, how to bob and weave pretty good. Float like a butterfly, no; I wasn’t the greatest, but I knew how to hold my own… heart. Life just wouldn’t allow me to catch my breath, so I just held it all in; breathing seemed to be optional. But life still decided to hit me with a sucker punch; it knocked me to One knee. I was absolutely stunned; life should have known, I wasn’t about to stay down. So I gathered up my pride, stuck it back in my heart and said; life, is that all you have… to offer?

So I got off my knee, got back in the fight; only to continue with the same bobbing and weaving routine. I wasn’t a sucker. Yeah…

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Our Past Does Not Define Who We Are

I'm sure my post yesterday either surprised everyone or scared a few of my followers away...maybe both. And I know that post is one that will not get many likes or comments and that's fine. Because... I have always tried to be honest about my struggles. And a lot of times I do let memories… Continue reading Our Past Does Not Define Who We Are

Lord, Take My Unclean Heart And Make It New

I have sinned! A lot! Just like Paul, I consider myself the worst of sinners. That's why I can't look down my nose at anyone on this planet. Looking back at some of the things I have done in my life I'm sickened... I mean, damn.... What five year old boy, in kindergarten, asks girls… Continue reading Lord, Take My Unclean Heart And Make It New

Celebrate Recovery Is For Everyone

Why do people still believe Celebrate Recovery is just for addicts? Is it because they have seen the movie Home Run? Did they go to that bathroom or something during testimony night in the film, where the main character’s sister-in-law speaks of her sexual abuse as a child? Or could it be because everyone thinks… Continue reading Celebrate Recovery Is For Everyone