Get Out Of Your Head: You Don’t Have To Live This Way

Here is the devotional: If our toddler is throwing a fit in the grocery store, we correct him, redirect him—yet we have allowed our minds to have outright meltdowns with zero correction. We walk around acting as if we have no power over what we think about. Paul tells us that when we take captive… Continue reading Get Out Of Your Head: You Don’t Have To Live This Way

Stu’s World CIX

Stu's World

For those wondering about J he is doing well. He came back to work Thursday. We took it easy on him don't worry. I can not seem to catch a break when it comes to finances. Somehow someone used one of my card to purchase 200 worth of stuff online at 2:20am. so I call… Continue reading Stu’s World CIX

Stu’s World: Post Picks For April 2022

Man oh man! I don't know what it is about April but wow! There are been so many amazing posts chocked full of substance, biblical knowledge, testimonies and sheer love for fellow bloggers and readers! I truly hope you enjoy these as much or better yet more than I! Allow me to jump right in… Continue reading Stu’s World: Post Picks For April 2022

Freedom: Speaking The Good News

Here is the devotional: We are ending our devotion on freedom by discussing our ability to speak the Good News of Jesus to others with Truth and Grace. I love reading the following in Isaiah:The Spirit of the Lord God is upon meDo we live our lives as if the Spirit of the Lord God… Continue reading Freedom: Speaking The Good News

Stu’s World: Post Picks For March 2022

It is time to share some more of my favorite posts. I know the title says March but a few of these will be from February Melissa tells us How God Defines Love in this thought provoking truth filled post. I shared it on my Twitter account and am now sharing it with you. If… Continue reading Stu’s World: Post Picks For March 2022