Friday’s Music Message: Apollo LTD | Patient This one right here will speak to your heart. This world is crazy and out of control in so many ways. Heck most of our lives are crazy and seem out of control. But God is IN control. There is a lot going on that we can not change. Ask Him for patience during… Continue reading Friday’s Music Message: Apollo LTD | Patient

I Forgive You, But…| Day 4: Do You Need To Forgive God?

Here is the devotional: Honestly, some of us need to forgive God. When something bad has happened in our lives, or something didn’t happen the way we expected, it’s easy to ask, “How could God let this happen?"But God is not your enemy. His intentions and actions toward you are always good. First John 1:5… Continue reading I Forgive You, But…| Day 4: Do You Need To Forgive God?

Once Upon A Time

Once upon on a time my mom cried. She did not cry because of her divorce that had recently happened...though she did at times She did not cry because of a fear of what the future would hold..though there were times when I would just hug her when she did.This one time she cried for… Continue reading Once Upon A Time

The Power Of Our Testimony

Stu’s World LXXVIII

I miss Angie😥 I knew seeing her would make me miss her more. We were planning on another weekend together this coming weekend but the weather is going to hinder that. She had some abdominal issues this week that caused a lot of pain for her. And this coming week she has major Dr. appointments… Continue reading Stu’s World LXXVIII