Celebrate Recovery Is For Everyone

Why do people still believe Celebrate Recovery is just for addicts? Is it because they have seen the movie Home Run? Did they go to that bathroom or something during testimony night in the film, where the main character’s sister-in-law speaks of her sexual abuse as a child? Or could it be because everyone thinks… Continue reading Celebrate Recovery Is For Everyone


Every Female In America Is A #MeToo Including Your Mom, Wife, Sister And Daughter

You know something...I don't normally jump on the bandwagon..per se. But this #MeToo thing that is going around social media to raise awareness of just how big sexual harassment and sexual abuse is, is so worth me writing about. I have several of friends who have actually posted the #MeToo post on Facebook. Some of… Continue reading Every Female In America Is A #MeToo Including Your Mom, Wife, Sister And Daughter

Many Who Have Suffered At The Hands Of Others Become A Beacon Of Hope For Those Still Trapped In Silence

  Man, the devil keeps so many of us tied to the lies of we are not good enough or we are all alone in our struggles. Honestly, I was one that believed those lies for a long time with my own struggles. But, I want to discuss other things today. I do not believe… Continue reading Many Who Have Suffered At The Hands Of Others Become A Beacon Of Hope For Those Still Trapped In Silence

Is There Hope For The Harlots And Johns?

Harlot, prostitute and whore, these are some of the older terms that have been used to describe people who practice certain sexual activities outside the bonds of marriage. I am sure that those terms could be used to describe certain spouses back in the day as well. Now-a-days we use the term slut or sexually… Continue reading Is There Hope For The Harlots And Johns?

A Letter to my Abuser (How Could You!?)

I was molested as a child. I blocked the memory for decades. What happened to me did become a part of who I was, but it did not define who I have become. What the enemy wanted to use to keep me down God has used for his glory and purpose.

This young lady says it perfectly:

Your time of controlling me is over. You didn’t have the right then, and I won’t continue to allow you that right any more. What you did is horrible, and wrong on every level – but it is done, and it is over, and it will not ever happen again. I WILL find strength in this.

Everyone Loves Sex: So Why Wait?

Below is a letter from a woman who shared her story with me on Twitter. It’s a letter written to her abuser. The reason I am sharing it is twofold: 1. To help my newly found friend in the healing process and 2. To show that after abuse, one can find the strength to thrive.

Warning: It does contain some graphic language.

letter pen large

Dear you,

Well, ya know what, – I take that back. I have always been taught to start letters with Dear so-in-so…but please do not take this to mean I hold you dear in any way, shape or form. It’s merely a formality I should have probably left out. Oh well. There is so much I’d like to say to you. The first thing would be HOW COULD YOU? For so long, I have tried to bury, hide, tried to erase these memories.

There is this part of…

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The Sexually Assaulted Male

This is so powerful, truthful and well done. I have heard several stories from men who have been sexually assaulted as a child, teen and even as an adult. These stories come from men addicted to pornography who are hurting. Can I say pornography is a result of their assault? I would be lying if… Continue reading The Sexually Assaulted Male