Wednesday’s Life Song: Seventh Day Slumber | Awake Trigger Warning!! This video could be a trigger for some who lived with an abusive/alcoholic parent. My dad never hit my mom...that I'm aware of but I never knew what mood he would be in when he got home. I always went to my room.

Wednesday’s Life Song: Dax | Dear Alcohol Wow

Monday’s Music To Move You: 7eventh Time Down | The 99 Do you get cleaned up before you take a bath? Yeah, me neither! And so it is with God! You do not need to try to get clean for Him to love you, save you and redeem you. Just come as you ARE! Trust me God WILL meet you where you are! It does… Continue reading Monday’s Music To Move You: 7eventh Time Down | The 99

The Power Of Our Testimony

Celebrate Recovery Is For Everyone

Why do people still believe Celebrate Recovery is just for addicts? Is it because they have seen the movie Home Run? Did they go to that bathroom or something during testimony night in the film, where the main character’s sister-in-law speaks of her sexual abuse as a child? Or could it be because everyone thinks… Continue reading Celebrate Recovery Is For Everyone