It’s Time To Let Go Of All That Hinders You


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One of the things I did when I gave up porn was grab all my pornographic material and headed to local dumpster. I opened my trunk and threw everything in there. I had to…I just had to do it.

This Scripture reemphasizes why I needed to do that. I had to get rid of the filth that encompassed me. The only way I knew I would not watch or look is if I didn’t have it anymore. I knew for a fact that I was not strong enough, to not look, knowing I still had it. So I junked it all.

Is there something in your life you need to get rid of?

Maybe it’s your porn collection. Maybe it’s all those unopened bottles of alcohol in the cabinet, freezer of fridge.

Could be you need to get rid of all those “hidden” blades you have stashed away that you use to cut when you get down on yourself.

Maybe it’s some old music that needs to go. You know…the ones that make you think bad thoughts once the words filter into your head.

Maybe you need to distance yourself from certain people in your life. Now, granted, they are not filth or evil but some people just have to be out of your life because of things they do that influenced you to do bad things like drugs and such.

It could be you need to change jobs because the one you are in is just full of people who anger you. Trust me it’s not good to bring the anger home.

We, as humans, may be creatures of habit but in Christ we are a new creation. Old things are gone and all things are new. Those old bad habits can be changed with new good healthy habits.

Dear friends, it’s time to let go of all the things that hinder your walk with the Lord.

You may enjoy this post from my friend and brother in Christ Rameshwar on Catching the Little Foxes. I know I did.


Are You Listening?


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Have you ever felt that little warm fuzzy feeling while in church? That little tugging at your heartstring saying I love you, why don’t you open the door to your heart and let me in…

Go ahead! Do it! Quit living life on life’s terms! 

Give your life to the one who created you. Give your heart to the one who loves you more than anyone every could or will.

Truat me, you will see a change in your circumstances, your outlook on life, how you treat others and in your heart.

Our Help Comes From The Lord


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I will lift up mine eyes…

How many times do we do exactly the opposite? 

More often than not, when we are going through a struggle, we look down. Maybe it’s to avoid eye contact. Maybe it’s because of the shame or guilt we feel.

But…we should lift our eyes from whence comes our help. We should look towards the heavens, where our Lord, the Creator of heaven and Earth, resides.

Lift you eyes to Lord and pray, cry or scream for help.

For God So Loved The World


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Always remember that nothing you have done in your life is too bad for God’s love and forgiveness. 

He loved you so much that He did send his one and only Son to die on the cross to pay for your sins. He loves YOU that much.

Accept His act of love. Accept what Christ did for you on that cross and ask for forgiveness. Your will be forgiven and you will become a new person.

Feeling Comfortably Numb Is No Longer An Option


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One of the most difficult things in life, especially as a Christian, is to comprehend how many people are actually watching us.

Now, if you are a parent you know your children are watching and listening to everything. That’s why we are careful as to what we say and do.

If you are married then you know for a fact that your spouse is watching and listening.

But, what about those watching you at work, at church, in the store, at your child’s sporting event, on the golf course or on social media?

What about the other “people”? Folks that run the Nielsen ratings, for instance. How about the internet police who can see every single website you go to?

Have you ever thought about what your character looks like in front of everyone?

Does you neighbor see you go to church every Sunday but watches as you curse out the lawnmower for not starting?

Are there men or women at the golf course that know you are a Christian and yet watch you get so upset over a bad swing that you throw your club down?

What about the other parents at the sporting events? Do you belittle your child, in front of them, for not playing up to your standards?

What about your character when it is just you and your family? Have you grown so numb over the sin in front of your eyes on the television that it doesn’t even matter anymore?

I believe that IS part of our problem. We have become numb to sin!

It hits us from freaking everywhere and every which way possible. And we have become numb to most of it.

What offended us at first is now an after thought.

What used to give us a repulsive feeling, now, no longer affects us at all.

And we all know, from a physical sense, that numbness eventually starts to make that part of the body useless. So in a spiritual sense being numb to the sin around us, in us and how we react to it makes us neither hot nor lukewarm but cold.

So how can we, as Christians, run the race and be a said witnesses see a contradiction in our lives…


We must get back to that state of saying break my heart Lord, for what breaks yours, create in me a clean heart and renew my mind.