Don’t Play The Blame Game


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Isn’t it interesting how since the very beginning of time we have been blaming others for our actions. Notice how Adam points the finger at God first, then Eve and then the sin.

K, granted Eve gave Adam the fruit to eat after listening the the ole serpent. But it doesn’t say Eve went and found Adam and gave him the fruit…he was right there beside her the whole time. Why didn’t Adam say Hey, hold up honey, God said don’t eat of this tree?

But instead, he made a choice to disobey God and eat the fruit. We all do that at some point in our lives. And we all point the blame at others, for the most part.

We will blame our parents, spouse or friends who may have introduced us to something that looked good. But that thing that looked so good, just like the fruit in Genesis, turned out to be poison to us spiritually, mentally and maybe physically.

I have been guilty of this myself.. trust me…

Here’s the point I want to make…stop playing the blame game.

Male or female, it doesn’t matter, if there are issues in your marriage, in your sex life, in your finances or life in general don’t be blaming others when you are probably just as much to blame as the one your trying to place blame upon.

And do not blame God, for just as He did with Adam He has done for us. We know the rules and guidelines, just as Adam did.

It’s up to us to follow them…


The Written Word Comes Alive In Us


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Thank the Lord we have an instruction manual for us!

I know I need all the teaching, guidance and encouragement I can get.

The written Word of God comes alive in us through our reading, studying and applying the scripture to our lives on a daily basis?

How do you study the Word of God?

How often do you read your Bible?

It’s Nothing I Did


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I, personally, am so thankful that there is nothing that I can do to be saved! Because trust me I would not be a child of God if it was dependent on my actions and words.

Thank you Father for your grace! For your unending mercy!

I love you! I do not take this gift lightly as it took the death of your Son, who himself bore my sins, my shame, and my debt on the cross.

Dear Parents, We Are Failing Our Kids


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Several years ago I hired this young man to work the evening shift. Part of his duties for that shift was to vacuum the floor as the night manager did their duties. I was shocked to find out that this young man, who was seventeen, did not know how to vacuum…much less turn the thing on.

I have a friend whose son gets mad when he comes home from work and dinner is not ready. I mean cursing mad. And I’m like what…he can’t cook for himself…geez.

So…with that last statement let me begin my rant/train of thoughts on why we as parents are failing our children.


I believe this verse is so misinterpreted. No, not misinterpreted…but only looked at from a spiritual perspective.

Yes, we are to teach our children in the ways of the Lord. Yes, our prayers as they grow older, should be that they will not depart from the knowledge of what is right and wrong according to those teachings. But…

What about training them up in every other aspect of life as well?

We teach our children how to eat, yet we don’t want to teach them to cook for themselves.

We teach our children how to tie their shoes…but a lot of parents either don’t teach them to dress for themselves or they just would rather have control over them in what they wear.

A lot of parents will teach their daughter to cook, clean and do laundry and yet will not teach their son the same things.

Some parents are so overly protective with their children that when they become teens or adults they don’t know how to handle issues thrown at them due to a lack of knowledge.

Moms who are the stay at home mom that do ALL the cleaning, laundry and have dinner ready when dad gets home sets a standard for their sons and daughters. This is a wrong standard.

Dads who work their eight-hour shift then come home expecting the house to be clean and dinner ready when he gets home sets the same standard. Wrong.

My dad would come home from work, sit in his chair and never help my mom. I never saw him cook unless it was on the grill…cuz that was a man’s thang.

I also never saw him do dishes, wash clothes but I did see him come home, turn on the TV and do nothing for the rest of the day.

Dads will take the sons hunting, fishing and hiking and yet, despite the pleas from their daughter, will not take them along because well…she a girl.

Why do we tell our sons to suppress their emotions and to just suck it up because boys don’t cry and yet get upset when our daughters don’t open up.

Some parents, with only one child, will be like overkill in a lot of areas that actually hurt that child and will carry over into adulthood and into marriage.

What about the double standard we instill into our children like we are living back in the 40’s?

Why do we as parents tell our daughters not to wear certain clothing because boys will only look at her with one thing on their mind? To me that sets the standard in a girl’s mind that all they are good for is for boys to lust after. That’s wrong.

Why do we, as parents, instill in our daughters that sex is a bad thing and yet we are totally different with our sons…double standard.

And with that one…why are girls who have multiple partners over time looked down on as a slut but a boy is considered a stud…

There are major issues with both of those scenarios. Yes, we should tell our children about sex openly and honestly but never that it is bad. Nowhere in scripture does it say that sex is bad, for it is an act designed by God.

We should never tell our daughters that sex is just to satisfy the longings/urges of a man. Because we all know that is crap. Women have longings/urges just as the men do.

I truly believe that many intimacy levels in marriages today could be off the chain had their parents told them different things about sex growing up.

I mean come on parents, I have witnessed so many other issues that just blow my mind….

There are college age boys and girls who don’t know how to wash their own clothes. And instead of teaching them to do just that, we say bring them with you when you come home this weekend and I’ll wash them for you. No!! Teach them to be responsible. Both genders need to know how to wash, dry and fold their own clothes.

Each gender needs to know how to cook for themselves. They both need to know how to do the dishes.

Both genders need to know how to treat the other gender with respect.

Both genders need to know how to show emotions, how to communicate openly, how to be available for their future spouses by seeing it in action at home…now…not later when their marriage is failing.

Both genders need to know what it means to be an adult, even at a young age, because adulting is a tough job. They need to prepared…not babied

Train up a child….

It’s Time To Let Go Of All That Hinders You


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One of the things I did when I gave up porn was grab all my pornographic material and headed to local dumpster. I opened my trunk and threw everything in there. I had to…I just had to do it.

This Scripture reemphasizes why I needed to do that. I had to get rid of the filth that encompassed me. The only way I knew I would not watch or look is if I didn’t have it anymore. I knew for a fact that I was not strong enough, to not look, knowing I still had it. So I junked it all.

Is there something in your life you need to get rid of?

Maybe it’s your porn collection. Maybe it’s all those unopened bottles of alcohol in the cabinet, freezer of fridge.

Could be you need to get rid of all those “hidden” blades you have stashed away that you use to cut when you get down on yourself.

Maybe it’s some old music that needs to go. You know…the ones that make you think bad thoughts once the words filter into your head.

Maybe you need to distance yourself from certain people in your life. Now, granted, they are not filth or evil but some people just have to be out of your life because of things they do that influenced you to do bad things like drugs and such.

It could be you need to change jobs because the one you are in is just full of people who anger you. Trust me it’s not good to bring the anger home.

We, as humans, may be creatures of habit but in Christ we are a new creation. Old things are gone and all things are new. Those old bad habits can be changed with new good healthy habits.

Dear friends, it’s time to let go of all the things that hinder your walk with the Lord.

You may enjoy this post from my friend and brother in Christ Rameshwar on Catching the Little Foxes. I know I did.