A Crazy Idea To Help Others In Need.

Another blogger and I have been emailing about other peoples needs and how we can help. Not necessarily as individuals but as a whole community. And most of you know there is a blogging prayer group that I started and in said group we share prayer requests. And some of those requests are for other… Continue reading A Crazy Idea To Help Others In Need.

Whether Right Of Wrong, You Make Your​ Own Choices

For so many years I held anger and resentment in my heart towards my dad. And it wasn't even his fault. It was mine. If you have spent anytime reading my blog you have ran across my testimony about my struggle with pornography. How I found it and how it affected me. I've never been… Continue reading Whether Right Of Wrong, You Make Your​ Own Choices

Plank Eye Syndrome

I have found it quite amazing here lately that people ask me how I can talk so openly about my porn addiction and my feelings I had in reference to sex and my body But what bothers me the most is when they ask me how I can talk to or hang out with a… Continue reading Plank Eye Syndrome

My Post Picks For August 2019

What a tremendous month this has been in the blogging world! It's like everyone wrote their best heartfelt posts and shared them ❤ There are too many awesome posts to lost them all but here are a few that struck a chord within my heart... Joe, thank you so much for this lighthouse devotional! Life… Continue reading My Post Picks For August 2019

Here Goes Pinterest With Nudity

Well it looks like Pinterest is going crazy now... I was recently followed by someone who has a board entitled Song of Songs, which references the book, Song of Solomon. So I instinctively followed this person only to find out that his Song of Solomon Pinterest board was nothing but naked men and naked women… Continue reading Here Goes Pinterest With Nudity