The Blue Chip Challenge

This is a post from May of last year. But it has been on my mind for days now. I do not know who needs this right now. But whoever you are...may God give you the courage to surrender!! I had another post I wanted to share with you today, but I changed my mind… Continue reading The Blue Chip Challenge

The Sunshine Blogger Award 2019 | 7th Nomination

Hey guys! Sarah aka Skelly has given me the The Sunshine Blogger Award ❤ Sarah, thank you so much. I am both honored and humbled that you find my blog inspiring and motivating! Y'all need to click the link above and check her blog out 😎 Here are the guidelines: Thank the blogger who gave… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award 2019 | 7th Nomination

Reblog: The Mystery Blogger Award

Now, I normally do not reblog awards but I feel I have to with this one. 🙂 I gave the award to Sarah and she went with it for real. I so loved her favorite story and her answer to my question on what she would do if her child/children came home from being bullied… Continue reading Reblog: The Mystery Blogger Award

The Mystery Blogger Award 2019

Kristian, my friend, thank you so much for giving me The Mystery Blogger Award! I am honored you thought of me as a worthy recipient! Guys go by and say hey! He has some great posts and some cool collaborations with Beckie! Now, what’s the Mystery Blogger Award? “It’s an award for amazing bloggers with… Continue reading The Mystery Blogger Award 2019

August | Back To The Basics Tag

Yoo-hoo!!! Dollfaced Writer has tagged me in this months tag😊! Thank you so much sis. I love these and I am so thankful that you and Purple Rose creating this monthly tag! Guys if you are not following Dollfaced Writer you need to! She is a wonderful writer and a dear friend of mine! Love… Continue reading August | Back To The Basics Tag