The Barnabas Award 2020

My dear little sis Lydia has tagged me in The Barnabas Award! Thank you so much Lydia! I am both humbled and honored that you find my little ole blog a source of inspiration and encouragement! Here are the guidelines: Thank the person who nominated you and share their blog. Think of five bloggers that… Continue reading The Barnabas Award 2020

The Real Neat Blog Award 2020

Wow! Thank you so much Catherine! I am deeply honored that you have chosen to give me The Real Neat Blog Award! Guys and gals please swing by her blog and share some of the love you share with me. Read her testimony! Share it and help be a voice for those who have none!Here… Continue reading The Real Neat Blog Award 2020

The Sunshine Blogger Award 2020

Kristian, thank you so much for nominating me this Sunshine Blogger Award!! What a way to start the year 😊 Guys, please say a prayer daily for Kristian and her husband Neil as they and doctors search for a living kidney donor for him. Thank you! Love ya sis!!Here are the guidelines: Thank the blogger… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award 2020

Sunday Music: Tauren Wells | God’s Not Done With You Thank you so much Charity for sending this song my way last night. To have the Lord put someone on your heart while listening to a song is priceless! It's one of those wow moments... I needed this. I believe we all do! God's NOT done with YOU or me for that matter. He… Continue reading Sunday Music: Tauren Wells | God’s Not Done With You

The Decade Tag

Amy has so kindly tagged me to participate in The Decade Tag. This will be fun as most of us have not been blogging for 10 years and it will give us a chance to get to know each other prior to blogging to a degree. Thank you so much Amy for tagging me! To… Continue reading The Decade Tag