Stu’s World: Post Picks For June 2022

I must be honest. I have not been reading a lot lately much less writing due to being so drained after work. These hot days drain a person. I’m staying hydrated but it feels like I sweat it out as fast as I can take it in.

But there are a few posts that I feel need to be shared.

The first one is a testimony from Laura who struggled with her sexual identity and as a result became transgender. Former Transgender, Radically Set Free In Jesus! is a beautiful story of how God lovingly draws a person to Himself even when hated by said person.

Annie wrote a wonderful post on To Judge Or Not To Judge? I so love how she used the Plank Eye  (one of my older posts that discusses being a hypocrite in judging and helping others) verses, instead of just using the do not judge or you too will be judge verse which everyone seems to love to quote. Well actually most leave off the and you too will be judged part.

This post is a reminder to the church as a whole!

Sarah reminds us that Trust Through The Dark Brings Triumph In The Dawn. Even a thread of hope is all it takes. Remember how small the mustard seed is…

10 Steps To A Stress Free Life by Brenda is spot on. I could not find one step more important than the others.

Kathy’s posts have always touched me since day one of following her, so of course her post The Root Of The Matter is no different. There are nuggets in this post but they can’t just be taken out and used without everything else.

Storms of Life by Graham is another good one as it gives us a glimpse into our own struggles with storms even when we don’t want to admit it.

Lastly I will leave you with Counter-Acting Trauma Lies by Don’t Lose Hope. This is a must read as we all know someone who is suffering from some form of trauma!

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