TeamWork #1: Life’s Canvas

Tosin shared this with me the other day as a comment on my post The World’s Largest Puzzle. This is beautiful. I was ensnared from the get go. Her words painting a picture I could not take my eyes off of!

I am a better person from reading this. Thank you Tosin for sharing this with me. Now, I must pass it on!

Alethea's Mind

lukas-blazek-263121-unsplash Photo by Lukas Blazek

An empty canvas stands before us. We stare into the vast spread of nothingness as the artist works through his mind to create an imagery only he can see. We’re left in the dark, we haven’t come to life, yet we trust the one with the brush and all the colours in his hands. His works of the past surely speak for him as we can clearly see, so though we are still wet paint on his pallet, soon we’ll dress the canvas well.

His first coat of white brings us all to life; the birth of every one of us starts the story to be told. Our first cries, each a drop of paint that wears his brush like drapes of silk and wets the surface with every stroke. The canvas, though once white with nothing, looks a lot whiter now, white with life, white…

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Random Acts Of Kindness Award | 2018

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Just A Quick Thank You!

I truly appreciate your prayers over the past week. Two of the posts are completed. The God is Faithful post will be shared on the 13th. The Sunday Music post that broke my heart will be shared on the 19th. I am still working on the 3 Cord series, two blog award nominations and several… Continue reading Just A Quick Thank You!

3.2.1. Quote Me! Love

Thank you Have You Ever Noticed for choosing me to participate in this quote challenge that was created by A Guy Called Bloke. It's actually pretty cool, simple and yet can be tough depending on the word of the day. You choose 3 bloggers to write 2 quotes, each, on 1 word given to them… Continue reading 3.2.1. Quote Me! Love

The Sunshine Blogger Award | Testimony

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The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018 | 3rd Nomination

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The Mystery Blogger Award 2018 | Second Nomination

It is such a honor to be nominated for my second Mystery Award! Thank you so much Laura for nominating me 🙂 Guys go check out her nomination. For those who are unfamiliar with The Mystery Blogger Award, here is a summary from Okoto herself 🙂 “This is an award for amazing bloggers with indigenous… Continue reading The Mystery Blogger Award 2018 | Second Nomination