Stu’s World VIII

Man, this week has been a doozy. Needless to say it is freaking HOT and it hasn't even hit triple digits yet 😦 I normally don't sweat that much. But not this week. Sweat is rolling down my back, dripping on the concrete from my head and my arms. Lots of water. Have I ever… Continue reading Stu’s World VIII

The Liebster Award 2019 | 4th Nomination

Jacquie has so kindly nominated me for The Liebster Award. Jacquie and her husband have such a passion for the youth of today. They are shining the light of Christ into their lives. Keep it up guys. The youth so desperately need to know of God's love for them! Here are the rules: Thank the… Continue reading The Liebster Award 2019 | 4th Nomination

WordPress Shenanigans

Just a quick apology. If I have commented on one of your posts and you have commented back, I am not getting notifications that you have from a few sites. I found one from five days ago and again this morning. No notification...nadda. so if I don't comment back it is because I haven't seen… Continue reading WordPress Shenanigans

The Sunshine Blogger Award 2019 | 4th Nomination

Thank you so much Dawn! I am both humbled and honored that you thought of me to participate in The Sunshine Blogger Award. If you are not following Dawn yet, you need to be. She has a passion for Jesus, hence the title of her blog Drawing Closer To Christ. Here are the rules :)… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award 2019 | 4th Nomination

MountainMajesty Alphabet Challenge

This is so cool! I love how Lisa weaved every letter of the alphabet into her beautiful description of it the majestic mountains.
Go check it out. Gorgeous scenery!!



Alphabet Challenge

Thank you …

Renee @Heart Tokens for this challenge.

I’ve created my own photo(s) for the challenge.


Also thanks to

Stu at Something to Stu Over has brought back the Alphabet Post Challenge. 👏👏👏

You can read how this challenge came into being by checking out this post. Thanks again Stu for inventing this challenge!

MountainMajesty Alphabet Challenge

I’ll paint you a picture

with words, & a few of my photos, of beautiful breathtaking


I’ve Always Been Captivated by the Mountains! They’re Demanding & Enormous, Filled with Grandeur!!

Home & Heart ❤️ is Here!

Just plain Intense, A Jigsaw of twists & turns! A Kaleidoscope of Colors and views! I Definitely Love The MountainMajesty! Numerous reasons flood my mind! Open and vast are her views! Places of Peace granted by Gods hand!

Many grand Qualities wrapped in one. A bit Rustic and yet…

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