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There are a few sayings that I totally disagree with. And here is one of them…

Your knight in shining armor will come one day and sweep you off your feet.

Let me say this right now…

I’ve always loved Disney movies. You know those enduring classics with the prince and or knight in shining armor that swoops in to save the princess from the villain or villainess and then they live happy ever after.

Those are great movies but they also give false ideals on what life is really like.

Here is why I say that…

A lot of young girls grow up believing that once they get married everything will be fine. They’ll get away from their parents(the villains) and be happy. No…they will not. Because they married for the wrong reason.

Maybe a young girl falls in “love” with the first boy that shows her attention. This is her knight, because he is giving her what she feels she needs…attention. But then later realizes that the attention given was a means to an end…to get…

I’ll let you fill in the rest of that sentence. And then she looks at all boys/men through a different lense.

Maybe a young college woman grows to love this young handsome, caring young man who sits next to her in class. They get engaged. They get married only to find out years down the road that he’s kept something hidden from her this whole time…an addiction that shakes her to the core of her very being.

I could go on and on with scenarios but you get the idea.

There is no knight in shining armor.

Yes, he may be awesome. He may be amazing, but if we are honest with ourselves then we know everyone has flaws. And if a man’s armor does not have battle dents he is no knight.



A knight is someone who has been in the trenches fighting for his own life and has the scars to prove it. A knight is someone who is willing to go into battle for those he loves. A knight is someone with a battle plan.

A knight is someone who has lost battles and yet will get up, wipe the mud off and keep fighting.

A knight is not someone who comes in and sweeps you off your feet with false promises, but rather one that walks into your life humbly.

The knight you should look for is the one that hits his knees on a daily basis asking for guidance from the King.

The knight that prays with you as you battle life together.

The knight that stays awake after you go to bed to pray silently over you.

That knight who holds you with such tenderness and yet with such strength at the same time, because he knows that battles lay ahead that could test his very soul. That knight, who at that very moment, is drawing his strength from the one he is trying so valiantly to protect.

That knight is a man of courage. And yes, that type of man exists. I know, because I am one.

I have fought those battles. I have won many and lost just as many. And with each battle won or lost I got stronger and more prepared for the next one.

My armor is not shiny. It’s honestly beat to hell and back. And I would have it no other way.

I know the price that was paid for the priceless treasure I am fighting for.

So, look for a knight with worn and beaten armor. The knight that knows your value. The knight that doesn’t take you for granted. The knight that is not afraid to tell you his weaknesses. The knight that is not afraid to ask for you presence before his King on a daily basis for battle prep.

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