Are You Willing To Dig The Ditches?

Many times in my life I have heard the ole saying.... " Give it to God...he'll take care of it for you." Well the first few times I heard it I actually did just that. I gave the situation to God and to be quite honest...nothing happened, though I prayed about it and everything in… Continue reading Are You Willing To Dig The Ditches?


Comfort Others During Their Struggles

What a blessing it is to have God come along side you, comfort you during your storm. Not only does he comfort you but He forgives and heal. It can be, at times, what I described to my ex-wife after watching the birth of our son...the most beautiful disgusting thing I have ever seen. I… Continue reading Comfort Others During Their Struggles

3 Days – 3 Quotes: Day 3

Today is my final day for the 3 day 3 quote challenge. Thank you once again Wendi for thinking of me 🙂 Guys, stop by, tell her hey and show some love and encouragement 🙂 These things are so cool! They make us think outside our norm. So, with this being the last day and… Continue reading 3 Days – 3 Quotes: Day 3

Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve

I hear it all the time...four words..."I can't control myself." To be honest with you, there was a time where I believed that lie. Yeah, I said lie. The lie is you can't. The truth is you don't want to. Don't get me wrong accidents happen. Heck, I have to be careful when searching for… Continue reading Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve

Let The Word Of Christ Dwell In You Richly

I remember going to Sunday School as a child. I also remember singing those songs, listening to the stories of Bible characters, and trying to memorize Bible verses. Those first verses I memorized are the ones that have stayed with me over the years. You know, the ones like John 3:16, 1 John 1:9, Romans… Continue reading Let The Word Of Christ Dwell In You Richly

Which Version Of Fear Surrounds You?

Have you ever felt fear? Have you ever lived with it? Did you know there are two different definitions to this word. Both can bring the “strongest” person to their knees in a matter of seconds! The one most commonly used, of course, is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc. It’s… Continue reading Which Version Of Fear Surrounds You?

God, How Can I Apply What I Just Read In Your Word To My Life?

How do you read your Bible? Are you one of those who just let that Bible set on a night stand and only read the words Holy Bible on the cover? Are you one of those only on Sunday readers? You know the ones. Those who take their Bible to church with them, opens it… Continue reading God, How Can I Apply What I Just Read In Your Word To My Life?