Stu’s World: Post Picks For April 2022

Man oh man! I don’t know what it is about April but wow! There are been so many amazing posts chocked full of substance, biblical knowledge, testimonies and sheer love for fellow bloggers and readers!

I truly hope you enjoy these as much or better yet more than I!

Allow me to jump right in with a series Bruce did entitled Don’t Be Deceived. Now this is a six part series so do not just read the first one and stop. This is a vital series as it gives us  a lifeline, if you will, to the truth of God’s Word so you will not be deceived by all the false teachers out there. Trust me when I say there are many and a lot of those stand behind a pulpit and “preach” a gospel that is not real.

My friend and brother Joe wowed me his post Hello, Skeletons. Howdy Demons! where he discusses those skeletons in our closets that we try to keep hidden. Nah, it is time to face those demons and get rid of them. It is time to clean house! Start rebuking!

I just found a new blog site to follow🙂 You need to check out Butterfly Wings where she shares her healing journey through trauma. And make sure to check out her post Hurt One. Powerful stuff!

Jordan is sharing more of her story in her post An Open (Honest) Letter To Christian Girls. This will be added to my Testimony page as soon as I can remember how to edit that page…lol.

But you REALLY need to go read this like now!!

Comfort In The Cross is one of those posts that just hit you. This needs to printed on bookmarks for our Bibles! Thank you so much Sarah for this lovely post!

Kathy takes us back to the Beginning And The End Of Egypt as she eloquently compares God’s promises in the Old Testament to Jesus’ in the New Testament. Loves this one😊

Vickie speaks of her faith in her amazing Easter post Jesus’ Sacrifice and then reminds us all to reflect on what the Lord has done for us. Have you done this recently?

Amy tells us to Shout Jesus and turn the attack on the devil with praise on our lips in her latest poem! ♥️

In Chaos Reigns Brenda shouts to the world who her shield and fortress is!

I hope everyone has had a great month. May we continue to press forward into May with hope for a lost world and a surety of our faith!

14 thoughts on “Stu’s World: Post Picks For April 2022”

      1. Oh, man! Much of it has been good BECAUSE OF the rain! We have been in a drought for months, and we all have been singin’ and dancin’ in the rain, and praising God!

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        1. I’m glad that y’all have some relief due to the rain. Me, personally, I am sick of rain. Don’t get me wrong. I love rain. But when it rains every week it gets old. I could not live in a place where it rains all the time.

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