Prayer Requests For December | Updated 12/18

God truly answers prayers folks!

Allow me to give you an update on the requests for November real quick before we begin the month of December.

For all of you that prayed for my fellow employee Zach he thanks you! He actually came by work the other day with a big ole smile on his face. The scar from the head laceration is healing nicely. It also appears that the metal plate may not be needed as he is healing so well. Praise God!

Ana is recovering nicely from her thyroid removal procedure. Her neck is still a little sorry so please continue lifting her up.

And a huge PRAISE GOD for a dear sister returning to the Lord!!! My dear sister Cindi has rededicated her life! She has gone through a living hell…to say the least…but God has been there by her side the whole time, even if unfelt or unseen!

Thank you all for praying for me as well. My spirits are better and right now with the lonely holiday seasons here…I’ll take being happy 🙂

Now for December…

The prayer group is going strong. I thank the Lord for this group of friends/fellow bloggers who pray for each request made but also for each other. What a true blessing it is to a part of such an endeavor!!

We are currently praying for family financial situations, wayward children, complete strangers who have fallen on hard times, healing, ministry work amongst other things. If you would like to be a part of this group please let me know. All I need is your email address which you can send to me at

This prayer request comes from Jackie over at Romans10Seventeen

Jackie has taken her mom to the ER as she’s been having some stomach trouble. It could be an ulcer based on her symptoms. She’s had a lot of stress with our recent move and selling her home of 30 years; getting rid of lots of acquired “stuff”. In the midst of all that her sister was diagnosed with cancer and given 3-6 months to live, and her brother in law had a heart attack a few weeks ago. Plus her remaining 2 siblings were also diagnosed with cancer.

It’s been a rough year!

My mom is Catholic and though I have tried to present the truth of the gospel she is convinced the Catholic Church is the one true church. So is the rest of my family.

To make things worse, I have not presented it in a way that was well received…they have all been offended. Praying God will clean that up as I stop trying to “be right” and just let His word speak for itself.

Your prayers are appreciated…

If you would like to give Jackie some encouragement please click on the link above!

Journey of Redemption: Healing

Please join me in praying for this ministry. I ask that you take a moment out of your day to take a look and what is trying to be done and pray! Pray for those whose lives may be touched by this. And if the Lord prompts you to support financially then by all means…do it and be a blessing to someone!

The holiday season should be a joyous celebration but for some…

There is loneliness, depression, loss, anquish, pain, resentment, etc.

Some choose to self medicate with alcohol, drugs, sex, porn and even food.

They may be family members.

They may be friends.

They may be that person walking by you in the shopping center without lifting the eyes off the ground.

Let’s pray for them!!!

If you have a prayer request please leave a comment. We would all love to pray for you!


I told the prayer group a few days ago that I had been laid off work and asked them to pray for me.

Friday…my last day, my boss comes and says hey I need to talk to real quick.

Many of the guys in the shop apparently stood up for me and without me knowing fought for me all week long.

Their words changed the bosses mind it seems. I was asked to stay and despite the fact I really do not like the job, I said yes. Do you know how hard it is to find a job during the holidays?

And I have a new position as well. To the prayer group…that you so much for your prayers! What a honor it is to be among people who love, care and pray for another!

From Ryan…

Friends and family, this has been a trying week. I got word from my Mom that my other Grandpa just had a stroke today and he is in the hospital. He will be 92 the day after Christmas! He has a blood clot, which caused the stroke. Brothers and sisters in Christ, please pray for my Grandpa and our family. Thank you!

God bless you all

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