Wednesday’s Life Song: Ruel | Hard Sometimes I know this feeling, especially the first few years of moving away from my home town.

When The Walls Of Stress Tear You Down

For some reason this post from four years ago is still getting a lot of attention on Pinterest with over 50k views, 173 saves per month and it has officially become the most viewed post ever with over 5000 views😮 I'm shocked, humbled and tripping. I never thought any post would pass up Dear Porn… Continue reading When The Walls Of Stress Tear You Down

Wednesday’s Life Song: Citizen Soldier| Wanted There are many reasons someone would feel this way...wanted. There is a spouse out there right now who feels this way... There is a child out there right now who feels this way... There is an addict out there right now who feels this way... There is a veteran out there right now that… Continue reading Wednesday’s Life Song: Citizen Soldier| Wanted

Sunday Music: Disciple | Invisible WARNING!! This video could be a trigger for some. But IF you have the strength to watch the video and listen to the lyrics... You will see and hear that you are NOT invisible! There ARE people out there that do really care! You do not have to walk your journey alone. Trust me.… Continue reading Sunday Music: Disciple | Invisible

Stu’s World LXXXII

Hey everyone. Sorry I didn't share anything last weekend. It was sort of a bummer for me. I was trying to go see Angie and nothing panned out😥 I had mentioned to a few people that I had the money saved for a car. I found one. Set everything in motion and bam... It was… Continue reading Stu’s World LXXXII