Prayer Requests/Praise Reports For The Month Of October | Update

Attention everyone! The prayer group is up and running. You can still join the prayer group by sending me your email to I will pin a Prayer Request post every month. Anyone can comment their prayer requests. That way anyone can read the requests and pray for that person and/or situation. Praise reports on… Continue reading Prayer Requests/Praise Reports For The Month Of October | Update


An Unexpected Prayer Prompted By The Lord

If you all have not noticed... I'm still grieving for the relationship with my love of a lifetime. It takes a while to process emotions from a relationship like we had. But something happened this morning. And I want to share with my friends. I was driving to work listening to music and God brought… Continue reading An Unexpected Prayer Prompted By The Lord

Focal Point

Everyone takes pictures now-a-days, whether it is with a camera, tablet or phone. And it doesn’t matter what the subject matter is, in the photo, there is always a focal point. Using myself as an example, here for a minute, when I take a photo the subject is always in the center of the photo.… Continue reading Focal Point

Are You Willing?

To me one of the only ways to overcome any addiction is with help from another. Why God allows some people to become free and stay free after repentance is beyond my understanding. I've heard stories and have talked with people one on one who have had such freedom...but they are few and far between.… Continue reading Are You Willing?

Dear Friend…I Have Been There

Dear friend, I just want you to know that I have been there. I also understand that each story is different, though they are all filled with some hurt and disappointment. I was that child that, despite many friends, was still lonely. I was that kid who was very sexually curious. I was that young… Continue reading Dear Friend…I Have Been There


I was talking to a dear brother in Christ tonight about some of the things going on in my life here of late. Sadly, I admitted that the desire to look at porn has crept its ugly head once again. This has been driving me crazy for about two weeks now. My triggers are like… Continue reading Forgiven

Day 20 Of Inspiration: Create In Me A New Heart O God