Whether Right Of Wrong, You Make Your​ Own Choices

For so many years I held anger and resentment in my heart towards my dad. And it wasn't even his fault. It was mine. If you have spent anytime reading my blog you have ran across my testimony about my struggle with pornography. How I found it and how it affected me. I've never been… Continue reading Whether Right Of Wrong, You Make Your​ Own Choices

Stu’s World XV

Let me start of by saying this week has been so boring at work. It's like all construction crews took the week off and forget to tell anyone. So we have been preparing for inventory...blah!!! But guess what time of the year it is... Now it is time for some Count Chocula! Erin is off… Continue reading Stu’s World XV

Stu’s World XIII

Well...this week has been boring. Because Brandon did his pre-testing last week he was not at Taekwondo this week. And Erin is still "out of it" because of her ankle 😦 Though his mom did surprise both of us by letting him spend Wednesday night with me. 😮 We went to Walmart because he wanted… Continue reading Stu’s World XIII

April | Testimony Tag

Oh my gosh, I so love these monthly tags that Dollfaced Writer & Purple Rose created. And this month is a special one in the fact that it is Easter and we get to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. To go with the celebration of His resurrection we get to share our testimony 👊❤ Thank… Continue reading April | Testimony Tag

Pastors, Quit Tickling Ears And Preach Real Life Issues

Why is the church silent on the everyday issues? I'll give my thoughts right here and right now! Pastors are scared! Church members are a tough crowd. You say the wrong thing behind the pulpit you could lose your job because you "offended" someone in the congregation. Well, I say good, they NEED to be… Continue reading Pastors, Quit Tickling Ears And Preach Real Life Issues