Prayer Group & Requests

This week has just been one of those I wish I could start over... Here I am sitting in the doctor's office trying to figure out if I have pneumonia again. Monday, I lost 40 in cash and Waffle House's new staff so disappointed me I walked out. That has never happened! All I received… Continue reading Prayer Group & Requests


Prayer Group

Hey guys... Something was placed on my heart today and I want to share the idea with you. This community is amazing. We support and encourage each other so much, even beyond our own expectations. For that, I know I am truly grateful. The idea I had pop into my head is this... I was… Continue reading Prayer Group

The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018| 5th Nomination

Richard, thank you so much dear friend for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I am so honored! For those of you who have not checked out his blog, you should. He shares a world of intrigue on many topics including mental health issues through photography. Here are the rules... Thank the blogger who… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018| 5th Nomination

Just A Quick Thank You!

I truly appreciate your prayers over the past week. Two of the posts are completed. The God is Faithful post will be shared on the 13th. The Sunday Music post that broke my heart will be shared on the 19th. I am still working on the 3 Cord series, two blog award nominations and several… Continue reading Just A Quick Thank You!

The Power Of Prayer Versus The Power Of Sin

There is so much truth to this statement. To overcome sin or any struggle, for that matter, one must stay focused on their prayer life. Someone who constantly indulges in sin will stop praying because they feel there is no hope. Choose!!!!

1,000 Likes And More News

What an interesting week this has been for dear ole Stu! I received some very disheartening news the other day at work. I have been laid off. Not sure what to do next. Yet God still surprises me at every turn. Tonight at Celebrate Recovery several people came up to me and proclaimed things to… Continue reading 1,000 Likes And More News

In The Midnight Hour

There are these little things on Facebook called your memories. It shows everything you posted on that particular day since joining Facebook. Sometimes those memories really drag me way down. Sometimes they lift me above cloud nine. And then there are those memories of things shared years ago that make me question myself and who… Continue reading In The Midnight Hour