Power To Forgive : The Power To Forgive

Here is the devotional: Forgiveness is a decision. You don’t need to have any warm, fuzzy feelings before you forgive. The power is available as soon as you choose. When Jesus sent the Holy Spirit, we were given the power to forgive even the worst offenses. You have the power right now because the Spirit… Continue reading Power To Forgive : The Power To Forgive

Power To Forgive: The Myths Of Forgiveness

Here is the devotional: One of the most common statements I hear when working with people who are having a hard time forgiving is: “But the person who hurt me needs to apologize before I forgive them. They need to admit their guilt.”This is where Jesus’s example of forgiveness is so powerful. As he hung… Continue reading Power To Forgive: The Myths Of Forgiveness

Power To Forgive: Keep The Stream Pure

Here is the devotional: As founder of Summit Leaders, I take people on outdoor expeditions around the world. A few years ago, I took a team rafting through the Grand Canyon. Our adventure started about two hours north of Flagstaff, Arizona.Where we started, the canyon is only a few hundred feet deep. The water is… Continue reading Power To Forgive: Keep The Stream Pure

Stryper Friday: Live 2022 on the KISS Kruise (full concert)

What an honor it must have been for the guys to be able to perform with so many great bands and to shine in front of a new audience. The cruise also set the stage for Michael Sweet and Sebastian Bach of Skid Row to forgive each other, make amends and move past their squabble… Continue reading Stryper Friday: Live 2022 on the KISS Kruise (full concert)

Forgiveness Brings Healing: Forgive Us Lord

Here is the devotional: King David was an interesting character in the Old Testament. He was quite a combination of humility and compromise, courage and devious cunning, praising and warring. David, the shepherd boy turned king, was one of the most inspirational leaders and yet one of the most sinful.Just imagine for a moment the… Continue reading Forgiveness Brings Healing: Forgive Us Lord