Not Forsaken: Day 3

Here is the devotional: “I could never forgive my dad for _____ .”Have you ever felt that way?Every human relationship requires us to extend and receive forgiveness along the way.It’s no different with our earthly dads. The thing about forgiveness is that we can choose to—or choose not to—extend it.It can seem enticing to withhold… Continue reading Not Forsaken: Day 3

The Space Between Us: Perfect Space

Here is the devotional: In the last four days, we've considered that we often place too much space between each other. Today, we'll analyze what perfect spacing looks like. If you are not familiar with the story of Ruth, I would suggest you read it soon. It's a beautiful story. These are the statements Ruth… Continue reading The Space Between Us: Perfect Space

I Forgive You, But…| Day 2: Supernatural Help To Forgive

Here is the devotional: When the Lord told me that forgiveness was the answer for Barbara, I realized there was more to forgiveness than I had thought. Each of us started our relationship with God through forgiveness. Colossians 2:13 says, “When you were dead in your transgressions …, He made you alive together with Him,… Continue reading I Forgive You, But…| Day 2: Supernatural Help To Forgive

I Forgive You, But…| Day 1: Life Can Be So Unfair

Here is the devotional: Barbara came to church not long after my husband, the founding pastor, had unexpectedly died, and I had taken over his job as pastor.Barbara caught my eye because she seemed unhappy and downtrodden. Her shoulders were hunched over, she didn’t make eye contact, and looked as if she would cry spontaneously.… Continue reading I Forgive You, But…| Day 1: Life Can Be So Unfair

The Kennedy Award Of Excellence

I am totally floored, deeply touched, humbled and honored! Guys, Maxine over at Heavensreef has nominated me for this cool prestigious award. The creator of this award, Parneet S Sachdev, states this is a registered award of excellence for blogs that through it’s writing, presentation and objectives, fosters human values; promoting intellectual, emotional and moral… Continue reading The Kennedy Award Of Excellence