The Devil Is A Liar: Spiritual Warfare

Time to reshare this one... It was originally posted on March 25th 2015. So I went back, edited the post and fixed all my grammatical mistakes...go And here ya go... The devil is such a lying piece of crap!!!! He either has the whole world believing in a stupid little cupid like creature, who… Continue reading The Devil Is A Liar: Spiritual Warfare

Freedom: Speaking The Good News

Here is the devotional: We are ending our devotion on freedom by discussing our ability to speak the Good News of Jesus to others with Truth and Grace. I love reading the following in Isaiah:The Spirit of the Lord God is upon meDo we live our lives as if the Spirit of the Lord God… Continue reading Freedom: Speaking The Good News

Freedom: But The Greatest Of These Is Love

Here is the devotional: But The Greatest Of These Is LoveWe've all heard of teenage angst and have probably experienced it first hand with our children. But there are adults out there that struggle with some of the same emotional issues they had as teenagers. In fact, during the 20 - 50 age range, we… Continue reading Freedom: But The Greatest Of These Is Love

Freedom: It Comes Down To A Choice

Here is the devotional: I love this verse so much because it has my name written all over it. Just as Paul wrote in Romans 7: 15-20, "For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate." As a believer, I… Continue reading Freedom: It Comes Down To A Choice

Freedom: Sets You Free Indeed

Here is the devotional: Face it...we have trust issues. That may be a valid point when it comes to trusting other people. But Trusting God is on a whole different level because God is entirely trustworthy. When God says he's going to do something, you can trust that he will. When God says you are… Continue reading Freedom: Sets You Free Indeed