Stryper Friday: Makes Me Wanna Sing (Live In Korea) Just have to man. Robert's famous In God We Trust drum kit!!! Plus you get a quick solo from the visual timekeeper😊 I saw them 3 times on that tour and watching that kit spin around was awesome!

Stryper Friday: The Valley Man, I could have sworn I shared this one already. This comes off their album God Damn Evil. This is my 2nd to least favorite album. Yes, there are great songs like Sorry, The Valley, You Don't Even Know Me and The Devil Doesn't Live Here but it has also has more songs I… Continue reading Stryper Friday: The Valley

Stryper Friday: God

Stryper Friday: This I Pray My second favorite song off of the album Even The Devil Believes. Dang, I love this whole album😊 *Sorry, this was meant to go up last night. I hit publish and exited the app. Well, as you can tell it didn't 😢

Stryper Friday: Live 2022 on the KISS Kruise (full concert)

What an honor it must have been for the guys to be able to perform with so many great bands and to shine in front of a new audience. The cruise also set the stage for Michael Sweet and Sebastian Bach of Skid Row to forgive each other, make amends and move past their squabble… Continue reading Stryper Friday: Live 2022 on the KISS Kruise (full concert)