Wednesday’s Life Song: J.J. Heller | My Missing Peace

This one may tug at your heartstrings.

I’ve never been a pregnant woman of course but I am a dad who has walked through two difficult pregnancies with my ex-wife.

The doctors felt it would be better for us to terminate our first child due to the extra chromosome. They gave us this long list of things that could have happened like webbed hands and such.

Neither I nor my ex believe in abortion so that was out of the question. My faith said this little angel will come out exactly how God created her to be

Erin Elizabeth was born healthy and beautiful.

Erin at age 3😍

Our second pregnancy was difficult for sure as we almost lost the little man twice..

But Brandon Lee came out a little early but healthy with a head full of curly hair.

Chilling with my little Superman

Both my ex and I had faith in God enough to believe that he would indeed see both of our children born exactly as he created them to be.

That faith, through all the ups and downs of both pregnancies, kept us sane. That faith was our peace during the turmoil of the unknown.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Life Song: J.J. Heller | My Missing Peace”

  1. Precious little ones!!! And I am so encouraged about your faith in action in the unknown and trusting a good GOD who answers prayers of HIS children. Great post!! May fav so far Stu. Hope all is well with you.

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