Today Is A New Day

When you wake in the morning take that first breath to thank God for keeping you safe. Take the second breath and praise Him for the new day ahead. A day to renew yourself in Him! A day to share His love with others! A day to allow His peace to wash over you during… Continue reading Today Is A New Day

To Be Broken

I was in Dollar Tree last night and there was a lady and two kids behind me in the LONG line. One was a big kid, one was a toddler. The bigger one had a pack of glow sticks and the baby was screaming for them so the Mom opened the pack and gave him… Continue reading To Be Broken

The Sunshine Blogger Award 2019 | 10th Nomination

Mandy, thank you so much for choosing me to participate in the Sunshine Blogger Award. Guys, you really should check out Mandy's blog. Just click on the above link and go from post to post 😊 Here are the guidelines: Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award 2019 | 10th Nomination

The Liebster Award 2019 | 4th Nomination

Jacquie has so kindly nominated me for The Liebster Award. Jacquie and her husband have such a passion for the youth of today. They are shining the light of Christ into their lives. Keep it up guys. The youth so desperately need to know of God's love for them! Here are the rules: Thank the… Continue reading The Liebster Award 2019 | 4th Nomination

Praise Report & Other News

The interview this morning went very well. It lasted about an hour as we just stood outside and chatted about the job description and duties, schedule and pay. I got the call around 3:30pm this afternoon that I start work Friday!!!! The hours will be from 6:30am to 5:00pm Monday thru Friday and two Saturdays… Continue reading Praise Report & Other News