Jesus Christ: From A Child’s Mind To John’s Vision

Wow, something really hit me in church the other day when my pastor was preaching. It was was one the few times I have gone to the “adult” evening service. I normally go in with the children and help out. But this night we had enough help, so I went to the adult service. I am so thankful I did! The pastor made me think, just like he always does but this time it was in reference to a question people have been asking me lately and I really did not have “the “ answer.

The pastor was preaching from the book of Revelation and he started at the beginning of John’s vision.. There are many that take this book seriously and there are others who joke about it saying that John’s vision was not from God or Jesus but rather he had gone looney from being exhiled on the island of Patmos for too long. I believe the whole Bible to be true, so for me it was a vision from God, A prophecy, which began on the Lord’s day. Notice it says in Revelation 1:10 that John was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet. Talk about a way to get your attention.

He then went on to explain what he saw. Jesus Christ, the same one who John himself walked with during Christ’s ministry time but different now in his heavenly form What a shocker it must have been for John, when he heard that familiar voice, to turn around and see Christ in splendor. A description I will soon break down for you. But first allow me to ask you the same question someone asked me not too recently. How do you see Jesus? I had to really stop and think about my answer for several reasons.

Growing up as a child I had always seen Jesus probably the same as most children….sitting on a rock somewhere holding a child in His lap. Jesus is just letting the child sit there while He talks to him or her. Brushing the hair out of the childs face as He talks. Speaking words of wisdom and blessings into this child.


But as I matured to a teen I saw Jesus in a totally different light. One of pain and suffering. I saw Him as crucified on the cross for the stupid mistakes, lies, bad words, deeds and sins I had committed. A Jesus with parts of His back exposed because of the lashes He had taken in my place. The small holes in his scalp from the crown of thorns placed on His head and pushed down. The holes in His hands and feet from the nails that I deserved.


Here lately I have seen Jesus as my risen Savior. The one Thomas saw and had to see the holes in John 20:27 when Jesus told Thomas to put his finger here, see my hands, Reach out and put your hand in my side. Stop Doubting Thomas and believe. You see going through a separation soon to be divorce, bouts with depression, not being able to meet my financial needs, and trying very hard to overcome an addiction and failing miserably there for a while made me really doubt my faith and yes, even the promises of God. Sad to say.


But that Doubting Thomas syndrome did not last long as God started to move!

I reflected on each of these that Sunday night as I heard about and saw John’s view of Jesus during his, in the Spirit, vision. The complete Christ. The Alpha! The Omega! John says He was dressed in a robe that reached down to His feet and it had a golden sach around His chest in Revelation 1:13. The same type of robe and sach worn by the Old Testament priests who could not sit while making the sacrifices to God. Yet, Jesus sat down at the right hand of the Father after making the one sacrifice for all sin as stated in Hebrews 10:12. His head and hair were white as wool or snow. His eyes were like flames of fire. To me the flames of fire in His eyes represent that judgement has already taken place for the believer as He is the risen Savior who defeated death and hell as Jesus said to John in Revelation 1:18. His feet like fine bronze as if they burned in a furnace and His voice like the sound of many waters. The bronze feet reminded me of the strength we have through Christ and in Him. An unshakable strength that we truly do not tap into. Out of His mouth went a sharp two-edged sword, and His countenance was as the shining of the sun in all its strength. The brightness must have blinded John as he looked at his teacher and saw white all around representing the full cleansing power of the blood of Christ for our sins. This sharp two-edged sword is the Word of God. For in the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, the Word was God and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. John 1:1-14 The first and the last, The Alpha and Omega. What a beautiful vision of Jesus! One that brought me to tears!

God Bless


Originally published February 24th, 2014

12 thoughts on “Jesus Christ: From A Child’s Mind To John’s Vision”

  1. I too have seen JESUS in various ways, but today see HIM as my ROCK, a conqueror of all things and I cannot wait to meet HIM! I know our little minds cannot truly comprehend what HE is like, but I do know HIS love for us and (we will see it in HIS eyes) HIS hands reaching for us, will be beyond amazing. We have no words here for what is in store for us!! Keep writing my friend! Loved this post!

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    1. Yes! I can’t wait see Him face to face, look Him in the eyes and see true unconditional love beyond measure. Then to look past Him to all the others who have gone on before me…WOW

      Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed this one 🙂

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  2. This takes me back to what I read this morning, the portion where Jesus was pleading with God to let the cup pass. It shook me a lot today, for Jesus who is God to understand the pain before him to wish it away, even though he knew he’ll still do it. Such love. Such amazing love. Thanks for sharing this, Stu.

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