Here Goes Pinterest With Nudity

Well it looks like Pinterest is going crazy now…

I was recently followed by someone who has a board entitled Song of Songs, which references the book, Song of Solomon. So I instinctively followed this person only to find out that his Song of Solomon Pinterest board was nothing but naked men and naked women with Bible verses on them.

Now for some I realize that a photo of a nude person is not pornographic in any sense of the word and it is considered art. And it can be very beautiful regardless of gender in the photo, but come on…

The Pinterest app, of course was not designed for this. That’s not the issue as sexual images are everywhere. Heck even I have a board entitled sexual and sensual. But it is love quotes with a dressed man and woman in the photos. Well…mostly dressed.

But young people get on there to find cute pictures of kittens and puppy dogs and birds and you know…how to make a swing in your backyard not to see pictures of naked people.

Am I overreacting because of my background or am I really just concerned for this generation that is coming up behind us?

I don’t want the younger generation so sexually messed up as the one I grew up in.

I mean it’s crazy…not only does it hit us on billboards and commercials…now its everywhere.

I mean just talking about commercials alone…what in the world does a woman in a bathing suit have to do with selling a hamburger? Nothing.

But, I don’t want to get sidetracked. Pinterest will not know that a photo that someone pinned is of a naked person because they don’t monitor what is being pinned unless someone lets them know. I can’t fault Pinterest.

I guess I really shouldn’t be shocked at all. Sexual images is everywhere!

Parents just be mindful of what your young person could see

30 thoughts on “Here Goes Pinterest With Nudity”

      1. Believe me I know that! It’s everywhere and for a reason! The enemy wants us to stay addicted!

        It’s why I’ve always thought enough is never enough… as if sex and nudity isn’t everywhere now I seriously believe that legal prostitution is next.

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    1. I agree. Though I can see a husband with a picture of his wife’s breasts on his phone, hidden of course, with Proverbs 5:19 on it. But not shared publicly. It’s just wrong in my eyes…


  1. It’s pretty scary to see where our culture / people / world are going. Having just finished The Ark Encounter, and seeing what God did to such an evil society; and He said He would not destroy the world by flood again. I shudder to think of the judgement to come.

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    1. I hoped you liked it! We live right by it and buy year passes for it every year and greatly enjoy supporting them and having a place to go with our kids!

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      1. It was just wonderful! We so appreciated how they pointed everything to God, and gave Him glory – both the Ark Encounter and The Creation Museum. How blessed you are to be able to visit multiple times!

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  2. I have a minds social media account and I wrote them asking to be careful with pornography and nudity. Although I believe in the right to free speech I cautioned them that these are the type of accounts that can play a hand in human trafficking potentially. I have always flagged pornography on Pinterest and they have a policy against it yet they don’t seem to be censoring it as much as they do christian and pro life accounts. It;s irritating.

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  3. Yes Stu! I noticed that with pinterest! There is a lot of nudity! I got a request from somebody with a photo of a nude woman! I tried deleting the request but I could not, or rather, I don’t know how to. Satan tempted Jesus with scripture. The devil can twist scripture and get people trapped. The person who opened that pinterest account is targeting Christians!!!

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