Why Do We Justify Sin?

We were having this discussion not to long ago at work. And it became heated rather quickly to be honest.

We justify our sins to make them look less evil in our own eyes. Doesn’t matter what others think. And we will fight tooth and nail to prove our justification is valid.

Let us look at one I have justified for decades…

Masturbation😮 Yeah, I’m going there…again. Because it needs to be brought up again anyway…

This one is so easy to justify because most are valid points…to a degree!

One it’s “technically” not mentioned in scripture…true

At least I’m not out sleeping around and getting a disease…true and false

Well, this way I’m not getting anyone pregnant…true

It’s just a stress reliever…not really though the orgasm does put a guy to sleep due to the endorphins released.

It’s not hurting anyone…wrong

The same can also be said about porn.

You not getting anyone pregnant by watching it.

You can masturbate to it to get your rocks off so you’re technically not sleeping with someone. And why do they call it sleeping with someone by the way? You ain’t sleeping!

And it is not hurting anyone is one I’ve heard before…really?!? I think someone’s is truly misled!

Deep down we know we are wrong but we use these reasons to justify our actions.

But what we are really doing is not dealing with the truth!

Sin is sin is sin. Doesn’t matter if we try to justify it or not. Doesn’t matter if we twist God’s word to justify it. It’s still sin.

We justify sin because we honestly do not want to stop! Our selfishness kicks in real quick and we lie to ourselves and others. And by doing so we make it harder on ourselves to see the TRUTH!

The truth is we are LIVING in sin. We are NOT dying to our flesh but rather the total opposite is true.

And if you have not come face to face with God over the sin in your live…well there is so much you are missing out on.

Man if people could only realize how different my life was/is after porn and masturbation struggles for 30 odd years.

If people could have seen how different my walk with God was after giving those up…

Well they did. I started this blog as a means of sharing that very struggle with porn, masturbation, and sex. You, my dear readers have read many stories.

But the change in my appearance was affected as well. Church members say that. Angie saw that.

I jumped into Celebrate Recovery to help other men with addiction to stop justifying their sin, to confess and turn from it.

Yes, it’s a freaking daily struggle. Heck minute by minute some days.

But when we stop justifying our sin and face the “music”, seek forgiving and then daily lay them puppies at the cross God starts changing us from the inside out.

What an experience!

So…if there is something you have going on in your life that you feel you have to justify…it’s probably wrong. Give to God! Get that new mindset and heartset.

And praise Him for the change.

*I hope this makes sense. I just picked up my phone and this is what came out.*

14 thoughts on “Why Do We Justify Sin?”

  1. Stu, I believe this is going to help someone with their struggles with these issues and beyond to other issues. If we leave “all the puppies” lol at the foot of the cross, we will find strength to overcome any sin that tries to overcome us. Justifying the things we do is easy until we get to a place where we want to change and acknowledge it as sin. And when we get to that place, God will help us to overcome. 💯

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    1. I hope so Renee. It’s not an easy feat to lay them down either. It’s so much easier to pick them back up and hold them tight. Because they were our coping mechanism.

      You’re so right on the want to change point!

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      1. You are absolutely right! It’s hard to lay sin down when it becomes a stronghold. We keep praying until God gives us victory every time. When we fall, we get back up
        And get again. 🙌🏼

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  2. Great article Stu! Been there, done that and still it’s only due to the Grace of God that I don’t quit and give up. Jesus paid it all so I could have freedom from sin so I need to rest in that fact and continue to fight the good fight of Faith.

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  3. Makes sense; nerves touched; conscience pricked.
    God laid on my heart a few weeks ago this sin: Sometimes I DON’T WANT to run to God when faced with sin. “I want this, I’ll have it.” In my early years, this had to do with everything in my life. Now I’m down to the details of my life. Even though it’s details, it’s still a serious sin, and I want God to root it out.

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  4. So true. We justify sin so we can keep on doing it. Surely “stop justifying” is the first step on the way to freedom. The second step is harder, “come face to face with God over the sin in your life”. I still avoid praying about all this – a weird mix of shame and pride, and no doubt lingering desire to hold on to the sin. But I’ve tasted enough of life without this particular sin to keep trying. Great writing.

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    1. Thanks for reading David. I had a hard time praying about it as well and still do at times. I’ve fallen a few times over the years going on a “binge”. The shame/guilt…geez. But the fight for freedom is so worth it. Life is so much better without it.


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