Friday’s Music Message: Apollo LTD | Patient

This one right here will speak to your heart.

This world is crazy and out of control in so many ways.

Heck most of our lives are crazy and seem out of control.

But God is IN control. There is a lot going on that we can not change. Ask Him for patience during this season! He will deliver!

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Music Message: Apollo LTD | Patient”

  1. Thanks Stu! Stay strong in the LORD. Blessings from AZ……we have received a ton of rain here and so many bushes are in beautiful bloom. So thankful for all the color. Take Care Brother in Christ!

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    1. I’m glad the rain has headed y’all’s way. I was beginning to think Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi & Alabama were the only states…lol We have had so much in the past two months. I bet the cacti are 😊

      Have a great week Maxine!

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