Sunday Music: Stryper | First Love

There are so many memories associated with this band. I guess because I listened to them all the time. They were my safety net. It didn’t matter what mood I was in…depressed, angry, lonely, happy…they were always there. So, it only makes since that I share another memory…

It was shortly after I caught my dad cheating on my mom…

I was sitting in the living room with my headphones on listening the the Yellow & Black Attack album on my mom’s record player. I was drowning out the noise of their “talk” of him leaving.

When this song started playing I started to cry. My mom heard me and came to check on me. I told her I was fine so she went back the their bedroom.

I guess she told my dad that I was crying. He comes to the living room and asks the same question. I answered differently this time.

I said no, I am not ok. How could you do this to mom? How could you hurt her like this?

His response angered me. He said I never loved your mom. Here I am listening to a song saying true love will never leave you and he tells me that!!

I remember taking the headphones off and setting them on the coffee table and standing up with clenched fists.

My dad saw that and asked me if it make feel better if I just hit him. I stood there for a minute really pondering knocking his lights out.

I looked at him with anger and tears in my eyes and said “Yeah, dad, it would but your not worth it.” I sat back down and put the headphones back on.

My dad left that very day. Never to be seen again for almost a decade.

You see there is a story, that is not mine to tell about my dad and his first love.

Since then my dad and I have sort of reconciled. He did tell me a few weeks after we reconnected that he lied about not loving my mom. He told me that he said that so I would not be mad or disappointed at her and to be mad at him. I said it worked dad…

Here’s the good news! My dad is going to church and has returned to his first love πŸ‘πŸ™β€

It is still hard talking to each other, though, as there really was never a father/son relationship…well not the kind I felt I needed…

Now that the memory has been shared, did you listen to the song? How do you feel? Are you missing something in your life?

How many times have you so weighted down by the struggles of life that you sit curled up on the floor? Or sat naked in the shower trying to let the water wash away the stains of sin?

There is only one thing that can wash those stains away!

Your first love created you in your mother’s womb. Don’t you feel it’s time to accept His love for you? After all…there is no love like the Father’s love!

12 thoughts on “Sunday Music: Stryper | First Love”

  1. Stu, I am so sorry that is a part of your story. It is sadly too common, but it does NOT lessen what that meant for you. I am so glad that God preserved His first love for you despite what you had to learn from. I am very glad that if some things must be common, so must the wonderful working power of our Savior!
    Regarding the song, I did listen and surprised the song wasn’t a negative or depressing song for you. It’s an amazing thing the way the mind of the child/teen works. God knows what He’s doing with every little aspect of our lives! God loves you, Brother!

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    1. Thank you Gail. It is a sad thing that it is so common. The devil is working overtime to destroy marriages left and right. So disheartening!

      I love that song! I don’t think of that memory too much anymore, since dad and I have reconciled. It’s just another part of my story I wanted to share.

      There is no love like the love of your first love!


      1. People still kinda look down on the Christian rock/metal/rap music but it’s better than listening to the alternative. It’s a real help to me.

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        1. Yeah, you can’t even find them in bookstores anymore…except Disciple and Seventh Day Slumber. Everyone else I have to order online 😦

          Christian rock/metal has been my preference since Stryper first came out in ’85. Even though I did still listen to Queensryche, Megadeth, Maiden and Priest

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          1. I liked megadeth. Iron Maiden was good musically, but I drew the line at some of their stuff. Even though I wasn’t a Christian at the time, I still would only tolerate so much Jesus trashing..

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              1. There’s songs that I like but overall albums I couldn’t say I heard enough to have a favorite as far as megadeth is concerned. Same with Iron Maiden.

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  2. Elysian Fields was alright and Countdown to Extinction was ok.. I remember those 2.. if I could say I had any favorite from Dave Mustain it’d be A Tout Le Monde. It’s a deep song. It actually means something.

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