Sunday Music: Endless Praise | It Only Takes A Spark This was our go to song every summer at Camp of the Pines. The camp were I counseled for about a decade. Oh, the joyful memories of camp as I watched these young people grow into adults before my very eyes. This song will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart and not… Continue reading Sunday Music: Endless Praise | It Only Takes A Spark

Sunday Music: Guardian | Never Say Goodbye This song touched me in a way not many could have including Stryper songs at a time in my life when I doubted things I should have never doubted! But I let the devil whisper in my ear and I did just that...started doubting God. Can you believe that? Doubting the one who truly… Continue reading Sunday Music: Guardian | Never Say Goodbye

Sunday Music: Martina McBride | God’s Will I went down a musical rabbit hole this morning. Several songs got me this morning like the song Why God by Austin French and I Believe by Diamond Rio but nothing had the punch this song had. The tears are still drying on my face as I write this. You never know how God… Continue reading Sunday Music: Martina McBride | God’s Will

Sunday Music: Disciple | Invisible WARNING!! This video could be a trigger for some. But IF you have the strength to watch the video and listen to the lyrics... You will see and hear that you are NOT invisible! There ARE people out there that do really care! You do not have to walk your journey alone. Trust me.… Continue reading Sunday Music: Disciple | Invisible

Sunday Music: Leanna Crawford | Truth I’m Standing On Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you scared of what may happen in the near future? I know I am! But one thing is for certain... We have the TRUTH! The truth that God's promises are true! The truth that He will never leave us nor forsake us! The truth that His love is from… Continue reading Sunday Music: Leanna Crawford | Truth I’m Standing On