Sunday Music: Rob Rock | I’m A Warrior This song has been on my mind for a while now. I have been meaning to share it for months but as you all know I get lost in my music and something else will hit. So in order to not get sidetracked to have only listened to this song. I have been… Continue reading Sunday Music: Rob Rock | I’m A Warrior

Sunday Music: Close Your Eyes | Valleys This song right here is honestly what kept me going day in and day out pushing through my addiction to porn, my divorce, the thought of losing my kids for good and just being tired of falling back down into the unrelenting attacks of the enemy. I had those high and lows. There for… Continue reading Sunday Music: Close Your Eyes | Valleys

Sunday Music: Scott Stapp: Only One I'm sitting in the living room on the couch drinking coffee and eating M&M's. Earlier today I read a post by Deb about an angel and it brought back memories of reading the Frank Peretti novels and how the demons and angels fight an unseen war. I started listening to songs about spiritual warfare,… Continue reading Sunday Music: Scott Stapp: Only One

Sunday Music: Plumb | Need You Now Plumb, Tiffany Arbuckle, is my favorite female vocalist...period! There is not a single song of hers that I do not like. Everyone one is worthy to be shared and a story told. This one just hit me tonight as I was listening at random songs. Oh, Lord how many times have you heard me… Continue reading Sunday Music: Plumb | Need You Now

Sunday Music: Theocracy | Laying The Demons To Rest Again today, I get lost in the music. I've been sitting here for hours going from band to band song to song...just lost and yet finding myself again. One of my favorite secular bands is Dream Theater and to have a Christian progressive metal band is awesome! Theocracy fits that bill nicely. There are… Continue reading Sunday Music: Theocracy | Laying The Demons To Rest