Sunday Music: Brantley Gilbert | Hard Days This song goes so well with the Anchored Through Deep Waters Bible study. We've all those hard days...

Sunday Music: Bloodgood | Lamb Of God Three days ago Michael Bloodgood suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and was airlifted to the hospital. Although he's currently stable, he had a severe brain bleed so the next several days are critical. Please keep our brother in your prayers! As of this morning Michael is stable and prayers for continued healing would be appreciated!

Sunday Music: Chris McClarney | Speak To The Mountains I do believe this should be the addicts battle cry!

Sunday Music: Aaron Jeoffrey | He Is I just love this song😊 This was actually going to the song for Wednesday but I felt moved to move it to today. Let's start the week in worship

Sunday Music: Petra | Stand Up I was given this cassette tape on Christmas in 1983 along with my first Bible, which I still use to this day, from my grandmother. What grandmother back in the 80's gives their grandchildren rock music? Mine did😊 What a journey she put me on. Opening that cassette up and putting in the player… Continue reading Sunday Music: Petra | Stand Up