Sunday Music: Barren Cross | Your Love Gives I shared a post on my Wrestling For Life Facebook page apologizing for not posting to that page much lately because of all the issues going on lately and I forgot I had it linked to my Twitter account. Oops. But a friend sent me this song in a private message on Twitter with… Continue reading Sunday Music: Barren Cross | Your Love Gives

Sunday Music: Alice Cooper | Lullaby Reading Amy's post Saturday morning reminded me of this song by Alice Cooper, where he calls the devil or a demon a few names. The Last Temptation of Christ was Alice's first "Christian" album! For those who have never listened to this you might be surprised. Good lyrics on the struggles of life and… Continue reading Sunday Music: Alice Cooper | Lullaby

KING & COUNTRY | God Only Knows Angie called me to wish me Happy Birthday earlier. She knows me better than of course she could tell I am down just by my voice. She told me I had to listen to this song. We both love King & Country. I told her that I have not heard this song yet.… Continue reading KING & COUNTRY | God Only Knows

Sunday Music: Trytan | Rip Van Winkle T.R.Y.T.A.N. To Reach Youth Through the Almighty Nazerene busted on the scene in 1987. Most Christian bands sounded similar to a secular counterpart... Whitecross/Ratt Barren Cross/ Iron Maiden Angelica/Mr Big Bride/Guns 'n' Roses Jesus Freaks/Metallica And Trytan was no exception. They sounded like Rush. I was in love from the first note. But there… Continue reading Sunday Music: Trytan | Rip Van Winkle

Sunday Music: Nightwish | The Phantom Of The Opera Ok...who doesn't like the Phantom of the Opera for crying out loud? Tarja's voice😮 She just sucks you in and you have to stay! The Phantom of the Opera is one of my favorite movies/musicals ever...and well this just rocks it! Nightwish is not a Christian Band. Their song I Wish I Had An… Continue reading Sunday Music: Nightwish | The Phantom Of The Opera