Sunday Music: Whitecross | You’re Mine Oh my gosh! When Whitecross' debut album came out I was stoked! They sounded like Ratt because of Scott's vocals. I had the privilege of seeing them live when they opened for Steve Taylor in Dallas. They rocked the place I tell you. The anthem Because of Jesus just floored me live more so… Continue reading Sunday Music: Whitecross | You’re Mine


Sunday Music: Petra | For Annie The first Christian music I ever owned was given to me by my Grandmother. The same year she bought me my first Bible she also got me Petra's cassette tape More Power To Ya (Yeah, I'm giving my age I immediately fell in love and bought everything in Petra's collection up to that… Continue reading Sunday Music: Petra | For Annie

Sunday Music: Gaither Vocal Band | A Few Good Men I've decided to do something a little different. Every Sunday, for the next couple of....oh I don't know...I will be sharing some of my musical taste with you guys. This will let you hear some songs that you may not know about and to allow you into my world a little bit more. Music… Continue reading Sunday Music: Gaither Vocal Band | A Few Good Men