Sunday Music: Casting Crowns | Slow Fade I will admit right here and now that the first time I heard this song I balled. It was shortly after my wife and I split and had rededicated my life to the Lord. And I was not crying for me...per se...but for our kids...Brandon and Erin. We both have little feet following us.… Continue reading Sunday Music: Casting Crowns | Slow Fade

Sunday Music: Female Fronted Bands

There is just something about the female voice... A female fronted Christian band list would not be complete without one of it's pioneers... Barnabas Scarlet Red Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh (GFM) Icon For Hire Silversyde Everlife Flyleaf Submission Red Revelation X Fireflight Plumb Gretchen… Continue reading Sunday Music: Female Fronted Bands

Sunday Music: Petra | Killing My Old Man This is something I believe we should do daily. This war we are in is a dangerous one. A war for our very souls. We must die to self daily. Nail that joker to the cross and walk in Christ and not in ourselves. For when we walk in ourselves we sin...all the freaking… Continue reading Sunday Music: Petra | Killing My Old Man

Sunday Music: Resurrection Band | The Struggle One would think growing up listening to songs like this I would not have gone through so much junk as I have. Here are the lyrics... Sometimes you scare me by what you cause me to see, and I'm afraid of knowing who I am Though you've changed me, there's still a whole lot… Continue reading Sunday Music: Resurrection Band | The Struggle

Sunday Music: Theocracy | I AM A dream come true for me. Progressive Rock/Metal with Christian lyrics 🙂 Theocracy was the road trip music for me and Erin. She used to love listening to them while driving to Shreveport to see my family, friends or to hang out with Angie and her sons. Now we have different tastes in music.… Continue reading Sunday Music: Theocracy | I AM