Sunday Music: Petra | Jekyll And Hyde Oh boy! I remember when this came out. The year was 2003 and my life was literally out of control. Living in Greenville, Mississippi and working in Indianola (the birth place of B.B. King). Three years into the most amazingly fun and aggravating career of my life. I worked for Movie Gallery as a… Continue reading Sunday Music: Petra | Jekyll And Hyde


Sunday Music: Decyfer Down |Desperate I have a tendency, once a new album comes out, to constantly play my favorite songs over and over again while driving. This one is no exception! I was desperate then and I am desperate for Him now. I don't ever want to lose that desperate, I need you now, feeling! And yes, He… Continue reading Sunday Music: Decyfer Down |Desperate

Sunday Music: Resurrection Band | Wendi’s Rap/Right On Time

Today I will be sharing two videos from one of original Jesus Music bands. And the reason I am sharing two videos is because I just can not share one without the other. And honestly I went on a Rez band kick yesterday and I'm like there is no way I can share just one… Continue reading Sunday Music: Resurrection Band | Wendi’s Rap/Right On Time

Sunday Music: Sweet Comfort Band | Armed And Ready The moment I heard this song I was hooked! This and Valerie are my personal favorites off the album Cutting Edge. Oh how I miss lyrical content like this! Sweet Comfort Band, Resurrection Band, Stryper and Petra...ahhhh! They stayed in my tape deck. If you have never listened to SCB I highly recommend checking… Continue reading Sunday Music: Sweet Comfort Band | Armed And Ready

Sunday Music: Siloam | Despair

Lord, this world needs a Savior This whole notion of keeping up with the Jones' is quite literally tearing the family apart. What started off several generations ago as trying to be better off than our parents has nearly destroyed marriage completely. We have married couples that do not get to spend time together because… Continue reading Sunday Music: Siloam | Despair

Sunday Music: Daniel Band | Lustful Illusions I so loved the lyrical content of Christian rock/metal in the 80's. There were some freaking amazing bands back then. So many of the bands were ministry driven back then. Hitting the road to reach the lost for months at a time with nothing more than their love for Jesus. Sadly the record labels… Continue reading Sunday Music: Daniel Band | Lustful Illusions

Sunday Music : Voices Of Lousiana Choir | Manifesto The experience of worship is so freaking powerful! I don't mean going to church and simply singing the songs. I mean actually worshipping God with everything you have! When I heard that this group of college age kids was coming to our church to give a concert I just had to go. From the… Continue reading Sunday Music : Voices Of Lousiana Choir | Manifesto