Blogger Recognition Award 2018 |3rd Nomination

Amy, I am so humbled by your kind words you shared on your Blogger Recognition Award and honored to be among those listed. What a pleasure it is to call you friend. Thanks for all you encouragement and help with the Prayer Group. You ROCK!! The Rules: Thank the Blogger who nominated you and provide… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award 2018 |3rd Nomination

Blogger Recognition Award 2018 | Second Nomination

I am always humbled and honored to be recognized by my friends within the blogging community. It means so much to me that the words God gives me to write touches you all. Thank you Priscilla for thinking of me 🙂 Go check out her blog the Writer's Choice. You will not be disappointed and… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award 2018 | Second Nomination

The Versatile Blogger Award 2018

Wow! Thank you so much Melanie. What an honor it is to accept this nomination for The Versatile Blogger Award from you sis. Thank you again for thinking of me 🙂 Friends, if you have not checked out Melanie's blog God Makes All Things New please go do so now. I'll la la...... Ok,… Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award 2018

Blogger Recognition Award 2018

Wow...yeah, I'm floored! Stefan from The Fourth Dimension Of Life has just nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. I'm still reeling from the Liebster Award and the privilege of being able to participate in the 3 Day Quote Challenge. I can't thank my fellow bloggers enough for the community that we share and the… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award 2018